Two-day opening of Lowari tunnel in winter decided

PESHAWAR, Aug 24: Notwithstanding the miseries and suffering of the people of Chitral in the wake of the devastating floods, the under-constriction Lowari tunnel will remain open for only two days in this coming winter also.
lowari The tunnel will remain open for traffic 12 hours on every Tuesday and Friday, a press release issued by the Provincial Disaster Management Authority (PMDA) in Peshawar said on Monday.
The decision was taken at a meeting held in Peshawar which was presided over by secretary relief Tariq Rasheed and attended by director general of the Provincial Disaster Management Authority (PMDA), the deputy commissioner of Dir upper, NHA officials and an assistant commissioner from Chitral.
The DC upper Dir informed the meeting that if the tunnel was not opened well before the onset of the winter when the Lowari pass route closes for about five months, Chitral would face a severe shortage of food and other essential items.
However, the NHA officials told the participants that Prime Minister Nawaz Sharif had directed that the tunnel should be completed before December 2016. They said that at present work on both sides of the tunnel was in progress.
The meeting unanimously agreed that the tunnel would be opened for light traffic including mini-trucks, Shahzores, during the winter season. However, it was not clarified from what date the tunnel would be opened. The meeting also decided to launch a programme to create awareness among the commuters about the usage of the tunnel.

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  1. Looks like we are in for the same nuisance, torture and maltreatment as has been going on in the previous years. Are our elected representatives deaf and dumb to this plight of the people. Why are they not included in decision making meetings regarding the tunnel usage where some non concerned organisation like PMDA is consulted and not the MNAs and MPAS. If the public representatives they cannot play their due role, why don’t they resign. Just running after money is not the only duty of elected reps. They should attend to iimportant issues which can be solved without involvement of money but only good governance. Nawaz Sharif has instructed to complete the tunnel by Dec 2016 but he has not instructed to torture the people meanwhile. If not daily, at least three alternate days of 24 hours tunnel opening each day with passage of trucks at night and passenger vehicles during day should be the minimum formula to be agreed upon. Who is going to push for this. Or do the NHA people want a long march by the people for this purpose?

  2. Dear All!
    Let me tell you that an awareness program to avert any disaster in shape of suffocation with in the tunnel must be started without wasting time.Presence of Magisterates on both sides last year proved to be blessings.The drivers and other passangers need to be educated and asked that in case of hinderances on the way,they must switch off their vehicles, so that poisonous smoke could be reduced.Non compliance must be considered as punishable offense.
    These comments are based on personal experience.

  3. Opening of tunnel on Tuesday and Friday for 24 hours is hardly enough provided it remains open for both light and heavy traffic. Fuel (Diesel & Petrol) remained short since July 15 in upper Chitral due to damages of road and bridges. Still most of the areas are disconnected and shortage of essential commodities and fuel will remain until the rehabilitation of damaged roads and bridges in upper Chitral. Local Administration Chitral should understand it and hence allow heavy vehicles to pass through tunnel uninterruptedly.

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