Booni needs alternative connection

Report Humaira Islam (Dokandeh Booni)
CHITRAL, Aug 23: The recent devastating floods have brought forward many lessons for Chitralis. If these lessons are not learnt and necessary corrections made, next time these floods would bring more woes for the people.
bridgeOne such lesson is to get Booni connected with Chitral via an alternative bridge. The present truckable bridge is vulnerable to floods. In the case of major floods if this bridge is washed away, Booni would be cut off from Chitral as well as Mastuj road.
Till 2010, there used to be a pedestrian bridge at Jinalikoch near the Girls College. This bridge was used by commuters of the college as well as people residing on the other side who needed to go to Booni. In 2010, this bridge was washed away by floods and has not been rebuilt since. Had there been high floods upcountry or in Booni Gol this year washing away the main bridge, the pinch of this missing bridge at Jinalikoch would have been felt acutely.
As one of the lessons of the present floods the government should include the construction of a jeepable bridge at Jinalikoch by relocating it to new and safer site now used as cattle path by residents of Dokandeh. This bridge apart from being a useful insurance against high floods likely to wash away the main Booni bridge, would also provide comfortable route to pedestrians commuting between Booni and Jinalikoch including the College. It is a shadowy side providing much needed respite to commuters negotiating the distance in the scorching summer sun and icy winter. Socially in would be comfortable for women to travel keeping away from public gaze on the road and enjoying privacy of the village life.
The past objections to the bridge from some people has now been overtaken by general consensus. Without entering or encroaching upon any valuable land it can connect Jinalikoch with Booni bazaar. The site on which it is to be built is the safest from the point of view of floods. Thus it is the most durable link between Booni and the rest of Chitral. Besides it would save time and afford comfort to a large number of people living on both sides of the river.
It is expected that the departments concerned and public representatives, especially the local councils, would give priority to this project.

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