Diarrhea spreading in flood-hit areas

Report Muhammad Amin Baloch
GARAM CHASHMA, Aug 22: It has been reported by the community in Garam Chashma that diarrhea has spread in many areas after the catastrophic flash floods and landslides.
Village Wakht in Garam Chashma was hit by the flash floods and slides damaging hundreds chokoram of standing crops and infrastructures. A community representative from the village told ChitralToday that seven people were admitted to the AKHSP Drsoshp for treatment after they suffered from the disease. Now many more people are also suffering from the disease and it is being feared that this might spread in the area if necessary action was not taken by the concerned department.
Majority of these victims are women and children. The same disease has also been reported from other parts of Garam Chashma. An increased number of diarrhea patients are being admitted to the THQ hospital Garam Chashma on a daily basis.
It is a wonder that the livestock department has undertaken a comprehensive vaccination campaign after the flood covering all the villages. Really a good precautionary measure. But, ironically, the health department Chitral has not cared about the precious human lives.
The people of the valley have requested to the secretary and director health, KP, to look into the matter and take prompt action to prevent any such disease. They said they can’t expect this from the district administration and line departments of Chitral as they are more busy attending meetings and workshops.

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