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In search of a platform for students

As we know that in every society, there are people belonging to different walks of life such as teachers, students, labourers, businessman, drivers and farmers.
In the most successful society, there are well organized platforms of each of these categories of people. For example, trade unions, students unions etc. They are working through the platforms for ensuring their rights and discussing their issues.
Similarly, in the case of Chitral, there are different unions of professional people but unfortunately there are no proper platforms for teachers and students to discuss their issues and protect their rights.
I personally feel the need of such platforms because surely it would be the need of a majority of students in Chitral.
I was in search of such students and leaders who have the same thought!
Luckily, I have found the most well organized and registered organization of Chitrali youth in Karachi by the name of Chitral Student and Social Welfare Association (CSSWA), which is working for the resolution of the students’ issues and the protection of their rights for over seven years now.
I have personally met people in the association and requested them to promote this organization in Chitral as it is the need of Chitrali youth in current situation. After discussing the relative issues and problems facing by Chitrali youths, they have agreed to promote this organization in Chitral.
It would be our good luck when it will start its function in Chital and it will be possible when Chitrali youth realized their issues and step forward to solve them and fully cooperate to promote it in our region.
Therefore I am kindly requesting to the concern people of the said organization please start it in Chitral as soon as possible and also requesting to the honorable teachers and students to join this organization and make their side powerful.
We want peaceful and educated Chitral.

Sardar Ayub Sirang
Student AKHSS Chitral.

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  1. Muhammad Rahim says

    I appreciate your truly study of Students platform, it will help to others students what is going on in a developing country and developed country.

    Changes will occur such kind of divergent thinking.


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