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Villagers try to cope with flood destructions

CHITRAL, Aug 18: Though the government and private organizations have tried their best to reach out to the flood-affected people, there is an uncertainty about the proper rehabilitation of the displaced people.
gol copyA visit to different villages in upper Chitral not directly affected by flash floods showed the residents were equally affected by the prolonged and intermittent rains and road blockaded. But unlike in other parts of the country, there was no panic buying of essential commodities even the main supply route from Chitral town remained closed for over four weeks.
In many villages, floodwater destroyed standing crops, especially wheat, which could not be harvested even in the middle of August. The incessant rains have damaged or spoiled the wheat crops in the fields.
A food department official visiting the Yarkhun valley said that most of the sale points in the Mastuj tehsil had run out of stock.
In most of the villages, the rains and floods also damaged small hydropower stations and water channels. The unavailability of irrigation water for weeks also damaged the crops. People were seen working on the restoration of the water channels and most of them were again damaged by floods.

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