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PML-N leader wants early return of Langlands college principal

CHITRAL, Aug 16: Pakistan Muslim League (PML-N) Chitral leader Irshad Javed Advocate has called upon Prime Minister Nawaz Sharif to provide quality education to the people of Chitral so that the backward valley can also be brought a par with the developed areas of the country.

Carey Schofield
Carey Schofield
In a statement, Mr Irshad Javed said that a private educational institution, Sayurj Public School (later named as Langlands School and College) played a pivotal role in providing quality education to the people. A good number of youth graduating from the institution are now working in different fields of life as doctors, engineers and army officers.
He said the founder of the school and former deputy commissioner Chitral Javed Majeed and principal Geoffrey Langlands worked as catalysts to enhance the image of the school. But due to the old-age, the standard of education at the institute continued to fall during the last many years and the school faced a crisis-like situation.
To cope with the situation and save the future of thousands of youths of Chitral, the administration as handed over to Carey Schofield, British national, who worked hard to put the school back on track by taking far-reaching measures, including giving attractive salaries and other packages to the teachers. This rekindled the hope among the Chitralis that the Langlands school would regain its lost image and prestige.
However, the PML-N leader said, due to unknown reasons the new principal, Ms Carey, was not being allowed to return to Pakistan from England to continue her assignment. He said some elements with vested interests were involved in hindering the issuance of a visa to Ms Carey.
He said that the people of Chitral wanted that the prime minister and interior minister should order an inquiry into the matter and order the immediate issuance of the visa to Ms Carey so that she can return to Chitral to resume her work for the interest of Chitrali youths.

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