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574 families provided relief goods, says Focus

Report Sultan Mehmood

CHITRAL, Aug 2: Volunteers from FOCUS Search and Rescue Team (SART), Disaster Assessment Response Team (DART) and Community Emergency Response Team (CERT) continue relief operations in the flood-affected areas of Chitral.
According to latest figures, the floods have totally damaged 1037 houses – 575 totally and partially 462 partially – in various parts of the valley till August 1, 2015. Focus Humanitarian Assistance Chitral is making hectic efforts to reach out to the affected population in various parts of Chitral. The organization has so far provided 228 tents, food packets to 574 families for two weeks, 186 blankets and kitchen utensils to 43 families.
The FOCUS humanitarian has stockpiles in villages in different parts of the district which proved to be a blessing for the affected people as the tents were immediately available when the flood struck and displaced them.
The RPM FOCUS, Amir Muhammad, told this correspondence that 110 tents were present in their stockpiles in different valleys and 228 were transported to different parts of the flood stricken areas. Food items, medicines, utensils and other commodities of daily-use were also delivered to the flood affected people by air lifting and using other possible means, he added. The relief operations are still continuing and FOCUS volunteers are present in all the affected valleys and helping people.
The AKF helicopter is in the disposal of FOCUS and carried out 22 sorties till August 2 carrying relief goods to the inaccessible valleys of the district sine July 27. The helicopter is stand by in Chitral and inclement weather is sometimes hampering relief operations.

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