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Arkari valley needs your attention!

People of Arkari in lower Chitral are disconnected with rest of the district after the recent floods in the area. They have not been provided any assistance from the government or private sector. 

Arkari valley road is cut off, there is the likelihood of a crisis brewing in the remote valley.

The residents of Arkari valley have called upon the government as well as philanthropists to come to their help by reconstructing the road and supplying essential food items to them. 



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  1. Abdul Jabbar says

    Some Chitrali boys in connivence with renowned exploiters living in Islamabad are planning to collect alms in the name of Chitral flood victims in order to stuff their pockets. This will give a bad name to the people of Chitral as we are honourable people and had never begged before anybody. The money collected in the name of Chitrali flood victims by these students is nothing but to make the whole Chitral a laughing stock before the nation. We had seen some so-called development experts collecting donations under the pretext of celebrating the opening of Lowari tunnel and then disappearing with the amount by exploiting the innocent Chitralis. Same is the case with these boys as they could hardly collect Rs20000 which is nothing for the rehabilitate of even a single family. A huge amount of relief goods sent by GB govt were stolen by the tehsil aministartion in broad daylight. Given the example this effort by these students is nothing but to make fun of the flood victims. The parents and the boys are hereby advised to stay away from such things as it will spoil the image of all the Chitralis. Besides the Islamabad district administration has been informed to riund up all the exploiters collecting chanda for the victims of Chitral.

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