Report SN Peerzada
BOONI, July 28: On July 16, 2015, about 200 metres portion of the Chitral-Booni road was washed away by the flooding river in the south of Kuragh, cutting off upper Chitral from the main Chitral town and other parts of lower Chitral.

Talking to ChitralToday, people of Kuragh said that the very next day ie July 17 when they tried to repair the damaged road to restore link on a self-help basis MPA Sardar Hussain and Assistant Commissioner Mastuj Minhas Uddin did not allow them, saying the government would reconstruct the road in three days.

However, after that day, the MPA and the AC have not been seen again, leaving the people in the lurch.

As a result of the broken road, about 300,000 people are stranded in upper Chitral and those in lower Chitral are also unable to reach upper Chitral. The poor people, including women, children and elderly, have no other option but to walk up a mountain track to reach the other side of the damaged road in Reshun or Kuragh.

The track in the mountain is so treacherous and dangerous that that the passengers thank God after safely crossing it. Before embarking on the track, they either throw away their luggage or destroy them as it is too steep and difficult to walk up carrying any load. Besides, it takes over three hours to cross and reach the other side of the damaged road.



  1. The title is confusing and secondly the people of Kuragh could not have opened that road. Just for the sake of the information of the readers even the contractor who is present at the site at Kalak and encamped there with his team could not do it with excavator and other machinery. He did cross over his machine once but the defile is soft, steep and sliding is unstoppable. I trekked passed with my luggage and at 48 years i crossed it in one and a half hour. The government is probably waiting for the FWO who have been awarded the contract by the provincial government. Sardar Hussains was seen criticizing the provincial government and administration at the arrival of Corp Commander at Kuragh but he had to swallow his words at Booni at the arrival of IK and PK where he left no stone un turned in glorifying the PTI government.

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