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Garam Chashma residents set example of self help

garam1This devastating flood washed away 40 houses, 50 cattlesheds, 18 shops, 11 water mills, 3 vehicles, 7 motorbikes, 80 electric polls and 3 transformers, 5 MHP channels, one MHP partially damaged, 250 irrigation channels, 5 drinking water supply schemes, 300 livestock, 2 Jamat Khana’s partially damaged, 2 Mosques and cultivated lands comprised of forests, potatoes and wheat. No casualties has been confirmed till now. 10556253_1472885783025438_3418490093793397534_nThe rain is still continued with thunderstorm and Garam Chashma is too much vulnerable due to disconnection and unavailability of basic human needs. More than 100 families are surviving without shelter under scorching sun. Simply no power, no food, no water, no raods, even no medicines and medical facilities for the sicks. Self help is continuing to rehabilitate the flood affected areas. More emphasis is towards the rehabilitation of roads. It will take more than 30 days to reopen the roads for small vehicles and further time required to further flourish the roads. Not a single day passed without the rehabilitation work by the local community. Hundreds of people busy in the relief and rehabilitation of flood victims. As a manager of GADO, I present my tribute and salute the civilized community of Garam Chashma. Thumbs up for the community and their humanistic approach. ]]>

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  1. amin baloch says

    The writer has given statistical figures of damages caused by the recent flash flood and sliding.however does not define how the community of Garamchashma helped the affectees on self help basis.They were mobilized by different platforms .The community was called village wise to restore and rehabilitate the main Garamchashma to Chitral road.Community also arranged basic food items the affected families.generous Donations have also been given by the to the affected people.The people of Garamchashma also helped their affected brethren in the evacuation and excavation of the affected families & collapsed houses and are busy in the early restoration if pipelines and link roads.This is the true spirit of self help

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