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Death toll in Mulkhow rises to 22, 10 villages washed away

Alhaj Muhammad Khan & S.N. Peerzada

CHARUN/BOONI, July 24: The death toll from the flash floods that hit Mulkhow villages has increased to 22 people, a senior district governmet official in Chitral confirmed.
He said 10 villages in the area had been washed away and tents were being arranged for the displaced people.
The whole valley of Mulkhow is cut off and army helicopters have started rescue operation in the calamity-hit area.
Heavy rains and flash floods hit scores of villages in upper Chitral, discontenting valleys from each other and destroying houses, crops and fruit trees on Friday evening. Reports said people who were washed away included Azim Khan’s widow along with her two children. They were struck in the Saht village of Mulkhow on Friday evening.
Floods have disconnected the whole Mulkhow area while Muzgol washed away a bridge, houses and scores of shops. The Muzgol stream has so far damaged or destroyed about 80 houses and still eroding the local bazaar and people are trying to save their belonging, Abdul Hakim of Muzgol told ChitralToday. The stranded and displaced people are in an urgent need of support in terms of relief goods and rehabilitation.

There were high floods in Booni Gol, Kosht, Bindu Gol and other areas. In Saht village, four houses were completely and many other buildings were partially damaged when rocks and boulders fell down from the Biyarok mountains. The Saht village having a population of about 700 is cut off from rest of the area.
Rainwater entered houses in green Lasht near Reshun after which the residents took shelter in a petrol pump. Flood water also damaged standing crops at Junalikoch. Torkhow road was blocked after flood in Shagram. The steram of Kosht was also in high flood on Friday night.
There were also reports that four people have gone missing after huge floods in Gaht Gol. The floods also damaged houses and crops in the area.
There was also flooding in Barenis Gol after torrential rains that led to the blockade of the Chitral-Reshun road.

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