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More floods hit Chitral villages, one killed in Kalash valley

CHITRAL, July 23: Reports of heavy rains followed by flooding in streams and rivers were received from different parts of Chitral on Thursday afternoon.One man from Ayun died after being swept away in flash flood in Rukmu village of Kalash valley on Thursday evening.
[caption id="attachment_28159" align="aligncenter" width="960"]Photo courtesy: Haji Sultan PTI Photo courtesy: Haji Sultan PTI[/caption]A heavy flood in Chitral Gol prompted a mass evacuation with Chitral Scouts personnel put on alert to meet any untoward situation. The flood also hindered teh flow of Chitral river with flood and river waetr entering houses in the low-lying areas. Water also entered other buildings, including hotels, along the riverside. At about 8pm the flood in the Chitral Gol subsided.
From Booni, our correspondent reported that soon after the departure of Imran Khan, Booni and adjoining areas received heavy rains.
In Park, there was another flood in Nisur Gol which blocked the road to Mastuj and other areas. Kuragh, Zait and adjoining areas also received heavy rains. In the Yarkhun valley, though there was no heavy rains, floods occurred in Dewan Gol, Istach, Dizgol and other areas.
In Gohkir’s Bindu Gol, there was a heavy flood at about 7pm on Thursday.


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