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Floods devastate Kosht valley

CHITRAL: Floods have devastated villages in the Kosht valley of Upper Chitral.

Though there was no human casualties, the total loss in terms of agriculture and infrastructure is estimated at around 10 millions rupees. Ripe crops of wheat, vegetables, fruit and forests were drifted away. The cultivable land turned into barren in a flash.

Hundreds of irrigation channels were damaged. Drinking water supply lines were totally disconnected resulting severe scarcity of water. The system of communication has been destroyed. Kilometres of the main vehicular road of the valley has been eroded away and the only jeepable bridge which connects the valley to the rest of the district is partially damaged.

It is noteworthy here that after Mastuj road being cut off at Kuragh the same Kosht valley route via Gohkir was being utilised for transportation between Mastuj and lower Chitral. A grand mosque in village Golbiar was also smashed down. Under such irksome circumstances the affected population is trying hard cope up the situation.

Ironically, in spite of the announcement by the provincial and federal governments there is nothing in term of relief and no initiative has been taken for rehabilitation of the area. The lack of capacity of the district and tehsil administration, the incapability of elected representatives and ignorance on behalf of the so called humanitarian NGOs has further increased the disappointment of the people.]

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