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Marooned by flash floods, families remain helpless

Report Alhaj Muhammad Khan

KURAGH, July 18: The flash flood in Kuragh left nine families at the mercy of river Yarkhun razing down their properties while the Charun stream has rendered one family homeless.

The road link to nine families in Mulen Kuragh was cut off in Kalak near Gazlasht hanging bridge on one side and Kuragh stream on the other. Afsar Khan, Mir Ajam, Saifuddin, Shahid Khan, Ameer, Salamat Khan, Zer Bali, Ghazab and Siraj and their families are trapped in their homes for the last two days.

“We have been looking at the river Yarkhun eating away our agricultural lands advancing towards our homes. On the other hand, the flashflood in the Kuragh Gol is set to submerge our homes,” said Mir Ajam.

The flashflood in Kuragh stream has badly affected homes, lands and trees of Shafi and Shazda Khan. Bulbul Nadir and Sherabad in Kulan Deh and Rov Mali in Kuragh have lost fruit trees, crops and other properties.
Gul Hussain’s hotel near Kuragh Gol with a service station was completely submerged on the flooded mud with a vehicle of man from Laspur standing on the service station on the flashflood.

Javeed Ali has a home on the bank of Kuragh stream which is also at the verge of collapse.
“We are trapped inside our homes, have not slept for two days and are in a very critical condition. We are not concerned about our land or houses because our lives are at danger. We are cut off from Kuragh and down areas due to the damage to the road on Kalak,” said Afsar Khan.

The properties of the people in Charun along the Charun stream are also affected due to the flashflood. Shaukat, Nasim, Zhantat Khan and Sher Afzal lost many trees, crops and other valuables along the Charun Gol. Late Sabut Ali left six sons behind who had one home with a small piece of land on the bank of Charun Gol. The flashflood swept it out on the first day. The family members are living under the open sky along the flooded area.

“MPA Sardar Hussain along with local administration officials visited the road in Kalak but they did not bother to visit the flood-affected people,” said Afsar Khan. No public and private sector humanitarian organizations and their representatives have visited our homes. They used to support us by providing some basic facilities for evacuation in case of critical condition in the past, he added. After the water level decreases in the river Yarkhun, a defensive wall along the river can save our properties from further damage, he also said.


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