Droshp village washed away

Report Muhammad Amin Baloch
GARAM CHASHMA, July 18: The village of Droshp in Garam Chashma valley is completely washed away by flood in the Murdan Gol.

As many as 13 homes in Droshp and two in Murdan have entirety disappeared along with their whole household items and other possessions. The homeless people are sitting under the open sky asking for help both from the government and civil society. The flood has also damaged standing crops and trees worth millions of rupees.
The flood has completely washed away shops in Shoghor. Road connection to the Karimabad valley has also been cut off from the rest of the district as the main bridge has collapsed. The people of the area fear more floods and as a result are spending sleepless nights for a couple of days now.
Again connection to the Garam Chashma valley from the rest of the country is completely cut off due to the damage to the main road. It is feared that in case of a delay by the government in the restoration of the Garam Chashma road, there will be an acute shortage of edibles in the markets of the whole valley. The people of the valley have requested to the concerned departments and philanthropist organizations to provide assistance to the flood-hit areas on an immediate and urgent basis otherwise they will face starvation.

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