Updated with latest development: Youth arrested after love marriage

By Zulfiqar Ahmad
ISLAMABAD, July 15: A 25-year-old youth from the Dizg village of Yarkhun valley was on Wednesday put behind bars on the charge of kidnapping a 22-year-old girl from the Khot village of Torkhow.
Relatives of the young man told ChitralToday on phone that Mr Amin, son of Roshti Khan, had gone to Torkhow and on his return the daughter of one of his relatives eloped with him. When the 22-year-old girl reached Dizg village along with Amin on July 14, local Ismaili Nikah Khwan Taj Uddin solemnized the Nikah of the couple.
In the meantime, the father of the girl lodged a kidnapping case with the Torkhow police against the young man.
arerstThe police lost no time and approached the Mastuj police and then reached the Dizg village on July 15 and took both the girl and the youth into custody. Later, the couple was brought to Booni where the young man was put behind bars in the local police station while the girl was given in the superdari of the Qazi of Booni.
When this correspondent contacted the Mastuj police station, an official there said the Torkhow police after taking their consent raided the village of Dizg and recovered the couple and took their custody. He said the Mastuj police only cooperated with them as a kidnapping case had been registered against the man by the Torkhow police.
Talking to ChitralToday, Habibur Rehman, the investigating officer (IO) of the case at the Booni police station, said the girl clearly told the police that she had married Amin on her free will without any pressure. She also said she had changed her sect to Ismailism to which her new husband belonged.
When asked why the police arrested the couple when their Nikah had already been solemnized, the IO said the police were under pressure and there was chances of law and order issue.
It may be noted that the relatives and other people from the village of the girl have also reached Booni and there are fears that they might pressure the girl to change her stance when she would be produced before the local court on Thursday.


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  1. The boy proved his love for his beloved. He crossed the mountains of Khotan on foot along with his beloved and spent a night in the police lock up and then walked out hand-in-hand happily when the local court ordered release of the love birds.
    Those grinding their teeth must show some restrain as a large number of Ismaili girls are married to Sunni boys and same is the case with Sunni girls. Inter-religion marriages should be allowed. And yes by going after the happily married couple, the corrupt Chitral police once again proved that it is yet to become a disciplined force.

  2. such kind of things never been happen,if we know that every mature boys and girls has right to make decisions.the well know about there life,the have to live together not there parents.so i advice the father of girl don,t make a panic accept him as your sons in law.he will keep your daughter very happy because true lover can do anything for each others.don,t show your attitude love dosen,t lie on attitude its lies on feelings.i wish them all my best wishes may Almighty Allah give them susses in these beautiful relationship.

  3. Its disturbing to see all these happening in chitral considered till now as the land of peaceful people. there have been many cases in the area and mostly the “sect in majority” playing the boy role. If religion does not play any role in marriage then why the girl has converted to Ismailism. Chitral is a backward area where due to rural environment, less education etc girls do not become mature enough early as in other part of the country. Religion, parents consent and society do play a role in marriage as its not an individual act, rather its a bond between families. These practices should be stopped and boy be punished for his heinous act, otherwise what I foresee is the minority sect will start the battle of their survivor.

    1. Ma bulbul brar Shafiq….Ismaili komoran d sunnian su oshtorenian kia.. haty time a d tu muzammat kosana ? ma andazo mutabiqa 80 to 90 % ismaili komoran sunnian su oshtorenian aur sunni bonian, ismaili ka ta ghon commment no d t asuni. . . Tu majority b t kia Islam o tiko ganesusa boy be punished resan. . !!
      zehnan phok azaad koror bughz kenahar…

  4. this is cruel and illegal as well as un-Islamic on part of girl’s parents. and more ironically the police have become party and supported the illegal act of the parents. as reported in the news she is 22 years old so under the law she is free to make decision about her future. even the police say that she has repeated that she married the man on her free will. so why the police have arrested them and producing before the court. the parents of the woman and the police officials should be sent to jail.

  5. It is their basic right to choose life partner and sect after they are mature. Let them live their lives according to their wills, and don’t make it issue of ego. Its their constitutional right.

  6. More such incidents will happen in the days to come……………Poor religious police, i feel pity for you

  7. As per above comments of girl it is own decidion without any force, and also local qazi done their nikah no any issu here

  8. Its totally barbaric from the girl family side,if she is run away with the boy with their conscent so whts the problm to her family these peoples must be punished if they want to create secetarian voilence in the area they must be well punished in the court of law.

  9. let us give space to PLURALISM in our society. the intermarriage between sunni muslims and ismaili muslims is not new for us.our history testify such events. the people of that time were more pluralistic than we are,thereby they were peaceful people. if we do not allow an individual to live on him/her own then what the future would be looks like. it will be HELL for both the sects and they along with their arrogance,sectarian violence and hatred for each other,shall believe that they deserve Hell in this world. Allah created diversity because He loves pluralism.He wants to follow pluralism that is to accept and respect religious diversity in our society. My prayer and sympathies are both with the couples.

  10. The father should respect the decision of his daughter and accept his new son in law. He’s going to get nothing out the legal proceedings as the girl is legally allowed to marry whosoever she wants. The girl does not have to change her religion because I don’t see a problem how following different religions could affect their love. They can follow different religions and still be together. Religion is a personal matter and should remain so.

    1. I am agree with you as well. The girl has to change her sect because it can create disturbance in future their kids.

    2. The marriage of the couple is not the issue but the real issue is the far and wide gap between the Sunni school of thought and the modern Ismailism. The ismailis consider religion as a personal matter, whereas the sunnis believe religion (Islam)as a universal phenomenon and a complete code of conduct covering every aspect of life. On the other hand there are certain peculiar and sharp differences between the two sects in term of religious practices. Nikah is a religious phenomenon not a secular one so the so called ismaili missionaries or khalfas have to be foresighted dealing such cases.

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