Minister convinced to issue visa to Carey?

By Zulfiqar Ahmad
ISLAMABAD, July 9: Rumours to bar Carey Schofield, the British Principal of Langlands School and College, Chitral, from making a comeback have died down. The people of Chitral won. And the manipulators who left no stone unturned to make the issue controversial had to kiss the dust at last.    
The federal minister for interior Chaudhary Nisar Ali Khan, a former Aitchisonian, who stopped renewal of Ms Schofield’s visa on the request of his 97-year-old teacher Major GD Lanaglands, has finally been convinced that denial of visa to the lady principal was unjustified.
Well-placed sources privy to the development told ChitralToday that Nisar agreed to issue visa to Ms Schofield as soon as possible. The latest development came when chairman Senate Raza Rabbani sought report from the ministry.
“Yes, certainly she will be issued a visa as I’ve come to know that she is doing a wonderful job in an area where even local teachers are not ready to perform their duties,” the sources quoted Ch Nisar as saying.
In a meeting with a top official who wished not to be named, the minister said Major GD Langlands personally visited him and remained with him for about an hour. He said that it was GD Langlands who kept pressing not to renew the visa of Carey Schofield.
Nisar remarked that after meeting with top officials who are also members of the school’s board of governors, Major Langlands has backtracked and regretted whatever he had said about issuing visa to the British Principal of the school.
The minister was impressed by the people in the board of governors of the school, saying all the people had unblemished track record. “Langlands is our old teacher and he ate up my brain for about an hour that she (Carey) should not be issued a visa,” he recalled.
GD Langlands has already been retired and is no more in a position to take decisions about the future of the school, Nisar said, adding the future of the children is most important especially in a backward area like Chitral.
“We’ll convince Langlands that he must not believe on rumours and enjoy his retired life…the British lady is running the school quite well and that’s more important as the students and the parents are satisfied with her performance,” he added.
The minister will also hold a meeting with the members of BoG who include top former bureaucrats and others from all over the country including prominent personalities of the area as well as the chief secretary Khyber Pakhtunkhwa Amjad Ali Khan.  
Senator Samina Abid of Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaf (PTI) who raised the issue on the floor of upper house of parliament will also participate in the meeting. She deserves a standing ovation from the people of Chitral as it was her tireless efforts and commitment which made it all possible. 

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  1. What is IMPORTANT, that is INSTITUTION not the person. Yes the Person who runs the INSTITUTION well, and individuals suffer, than be it interpreted positively and constructively in the best public interest.
    We people defer the Institution and its collective interest and give priority, pride and prejudice to benefit the individuals which is NOT workable and suited to the public interest.
    A few of us who have INSTITUTIONAL behavior, and who sacrifice personal interest and prejudice, pride and priority.

  2. @ Mirza
    Very intresting, you want to say that if militias belonging to MQM,ANP,BLA are killing people with impunity, why not JI and its martyres? Fact of the matter is that we abhor terrorism in all its manifestations. I never lost the track,Infact, I brought you people on the right track. You say the then JI chief only castigated the American, plz visit Youtube and watch his interview with Saleem Safi of GEO, what is his opinion about the personnels of Pak Army fighting the militants in tribal areas. I need not bring the JI in courts, thanks to our galant soldiers, who are already out to cleanse the martyres of JI. Yes, I’ll bring your favourite ex-vice principal to the court, if he again insulted our Great Quaide. The militant mindset is a direct result of what we have been propagating in our educational institutions since long. Today we castigate the founder of the nation,tommorrow we will be up against the very existence of Pakistan. Things would not have come to this juncture,had we nipped thèse tendencies in the bud. Yes, what the vice-principal was doing at TLSC were continuously being reported to the principal and when everything cross the limit, he was terminated. In Langlands’ time,he had become defacto head of the institution, owing to the old age of the then principal. The DC and his junior colleague are open adhérents to JI and what they did was a conspiracy to stage a coupé against Carey and install their own man to the position of principalship.

  3. @ Kausar
    You have again lost the track. This might be because of your obsessions with JI, your grudge against DC Amin ul Haq, AAC Abdul Akram, Vice Principal TLSC Mr. Abdullah or your prejudice against those who take religion as driving force of their lives. Our discussion is supposed to revolve round the future of TLSC and its immanent Principal. But you let a barrage of allegations against JI and presented it to be a monstrous organization killing more than 65 thousand people in Pakistan. You look to be more informative and more knowledgeable than the worldly recognized ISI of Pakistan. You seem to have proofs and evidences against the diabolical nature of JI, and as you repeatedly threaten your opponents to be sued in the court so why do you not drag JI to the court of justice. This will be a great public service on your behalf. Because, the presumed mess in our homeland can be cleansed once for all and the nation will rid of JI and its ideology.
    It is ridiculous to connect Tahrik Taliban, Al Qaida and other terrorist organizations with the main stream Democratic Party of JI as every man in the street knows them to be poles apart. JI’s philanthropic activates in the form of Al Khidmat foundation, READ foundation, GHAZALI trust and thousands of educational institutions are known to everyone. Its manifesto is to educate and train the masses for transforming our homeland through democratic means into a vibrant, self-sufficient and prosperous Islami Pakistan. JI from day one has condemned terrorist activities going on in the country to be engineered and sponsored by the foreign agencies. This has been endorsed by our present army chief that all the killings in our country are masterminded by our foreign enemies. It is easy for you to tie JI to terrorist organizations but very difficult for you to accept the militant wings of MQM, PPP, ANP, BNP etc. perpetrating mass massacres and target killings in Karachi, Queta etc. Are our rangers doing operations against JI activists in Karachi?
    Kousar! Hakeem ullah Mahsood was killed in a drone attack by America and JI has always been deadly against America’s involvement in our interior affairs. And the JI chief of that time condemned US drone attacks to be an invasion on our sovereignty. JI has never insulted the worthy jawans of our army who sacrifice their today for our tomorrow. The present Zarb E Azab led by Pak army is fully supported by JI leadership.
    Your juxtaposition of Mr. Abdullah with Hakeem ullah Mahsood is ludicrous. There is no proof of Mr. Abdullah bashing our quaid and just suppose if he was speaking ill of the founder of the nation, was he fired on the basis of this allegation, legally?
    You blamed DC Chitral and AAC Abdul Akram for giving victory in LG elections to JI by putting in a plate and again you accused them off joining hands with Abdullah, was the all sweeping victory of MMA in 2002 general election in KPK caused by the worthy officers at that time? They were not posted in Chitral in 2002 and it is an undeniable fact that when religious parties make alliance in any election, they will bag sweeping victory in KPK. These officers when they accompanied Maj. Langlands to TLSC at the behest of chief minister KPK and being people at the helms they will do whatever is directed to them by the higher authorities according to the law of the government.
    P.S. you admit unconsciously that I am standing on a high moral ground because my arguments are against the unjust approach of the Ex Principal and my commiserations are with the sacked teachers and the parent s who withdrew their children from TLSC because of abnormal increase in the tuition fee of the school.
    I am nephew of none brother and well-wisher of all.

  4. @ Mirza
    Very well in this rebuttal you have almost endorsed m’y point of view completely. But let me make it clear in the outset, that I have never tried to drag religion into this particular issue. M’y comments speak about the reality. In his comment Mr.
    Assad citéd verses from the holy Quran and in m’y opinion they were out the context in this particular case,so I wrote a rebuttal to him and you jumped into the debate. There is no point of disagreement with some points of your argument,but certainly, I can not endorsed all the views expressed by you. What is your paramètre of patriotism? From whose houses hundred of Al-Qaida operatives were caught? Who déclaréd Hakeemullah Masood a martyre? Who insulted the personels of our armed forces who laid down their lives defending our mother land? Once, I came across a vidéo showing Hakeemullah castigating Quaid e Azam. In my opinion Quaid bashing, either came from the cave of Makeen or the rostrum of TLSC, the speakers are the same. If someone,bashes father of the nation publicly, is he a patriot or traitor? The leaders graduating from libéral institutions might have done lot of corruption but at least they have not killed sixty five thousand Pakistanis. The brain drain of million of Pakistanis took place because of the martyres of your favourite political party. Again if outstanding professionals from Pakistan are welcomed warmly in America and UK, why we should not welcome a Cambridge graduate,who is out to set the system and record straight in TLSC. Yes, I blâme JI for the TLSC fiasco,because it was a joint venture and well thought out plane by Amin ul Haq, Abdul Akram and Abdullah. I am sure their re-entry in TLSC is out of question, God forbade if they made their way in the TLSC classrooms and again we heard Quade bashing, we will not remain silent, I will personally drag them to the court of law.( So Arsalan Sb muje tu morality ke sbq kafi sikaye,koi ada class apne Uncle ke sat b lejye ga).

  5. @ Kausar:
    Mr. Kausar, again you ended your remarks by issuing the ‘fatwa’ of obscurantist against me. You generalized the whole scenario citing the illogical approach of few misguided mullahs and their illiterate followers who believe in conspiracy theories. On the bases of the doings of a handful , you cannot blame the majority of our people. Majority of our ‘maulanas’ are more enlightened than the so called civilized educated class who don’t get tired of scorning religion at the pretext of ridiculing the mullah. Mullah is not to be treated like a priest in Christianity because no priesthood is allowed in Islam. In our great religion, every individual bears his/her responsibility and accountability to God according to his/her understanding and capacities.on the day of judgement, no mullah, no priest, no saint and even no prophet, will stand between man and his creator. The last judgement will be made on the basis of right belief and righteous conduct. Therefore praising mullah or condemning him carries no weight for me. But it is a societal fact that you will find practically honest and just individuals mostly among the scholars of religion and among truly religious minded persons. On the other hand, our beloved country has been turned into a breeding ground of the most corrupt not because of mullah but because of the educated class graduated from the so called modern institutions where character education is not part of the curriculum. They give a fig to religion and as such how can they inculcate inner accountability and sense of responsibility without the concept of answer-ability to their creator after their brief sojourn in this transitory world.?As a result, our this beloved country has been looted by corrupt politicians, liberal civil and military bureaucrats for more than sixty six years to the full .making it top the list of most corrupt nations. Were the people at the helms of our homeland ,since our independence till today, graduates of religious seminaries? I believe in inside out approach and admit all the responsibilities of all this rotten state of affairs to be our own and by blaming ‘Yahud-o-Nasara’ we cannot escape the responsibility but at the same time I cannot accept this irrational option that we are completely failed and some foreign savior will set our directionless nation ashore safely. Mr. Kausar you might have lost hope in the worth of your nation, but I have a firm belief in the talent of this resilient nation because we are the people who are providing the best of intellectual laborers in the form of of doctors, engineers, scientists etc to the developed nation and this brain drain occurs because of the exploitative political system in our motherland perpetuated by the graduates of our so called ‘hify’ modern educational institutions. You ask me not to drag religion in this matter but if look back at your comments and the comments of your supporter, you will find that you have connected individuals and personalities with religion and and ideological political party JI and in your last remarks you blamed JI to protest a demonstration against the establishment of Sayurj School, but the fact is that such a protest was made by the villagers of Singoor at the instigation of the land owners to make it build at the moors of Dolomutch heights. JI is a thorn in the flesh of the liberal forces because it has always raised voice against the exploitative forces and believes in a just socio-moral order on the bases of unity of God and unity of mankind. You may disagree with the manifesto of JI and may dislike its representatives but the the role of JI to be the most patriotic, a true democratic and the most fair party, is admitted by foes and friends alike. You might have dragged JI because the sacked teachers were bearing beard or observing religious rites but the fact is that they were not attached to any religious party. You shoot arrow in the dark and give sweeping remarks on surmise but let me tell you, your attitude of calling others mullahs and obscurantists shows that your approach is no better than the conspiracy theorists who blame others for all the bad state of affairs. Hope your next comments will be logical and argumentative.

  6. @ Mirza
    You should not pronounce judgment straight away that whose argument is logical and whose not. Let the readers décide it. I’ve no personal vendata with you,but yes I am deadly against the mullas who know nothing about religion but are always ready to pronounce fatwas for their personal benefits. In my rebuttal to Mr. Asad, I tried to convey the same point of view. The problem with we muslims is that we always hold others responsible for our own shortcomings. I heard many people saying that Yahud u Nasara are responsible for the ongoing energy crisis in Pakistan. They say cheating in examination is a well thought-out conspiracy to weaken muslims. Some hold hindus responsible for the business of unhygienic eatables in Pakistan. Plz come out of this mindset. I accept you are a practising muslim, then plz tell me, the entire economic system of our country is not run by IMF and other international monitory institutions? What about surcharge on utility bills? Don’t you pay your electricity bills? My humble point of view is that we should not drag religion into this particular matter. Principal of Private School got retired, a new one took his place and the decision was widely appreciated by both the parents and students. It was that simple. If Edward College Peshawar and scores of other educational institutions are headed by foreign heads, then why not TLSC? What is unislamic here? If you were so concerned about Langlands and TLSC, then why JI took out procession against the then Sayurg Public School when it was going to be established. The Young generation will not be swept away by your obscurantist ideas, we will stand our ground.

  7. Dear Kausar Ul Mulk, again you lost your temper and your sanity took the back seat. I have not enjoyed perks and privileges under a foreigner and for that there are specifically fit people who make such a living a matter of their mutilated ego and do not get tired of eulogizing them just to get paltry gains out of their presence. You again customarily, termed me to be ‘contractor of religion’ and I must categorically tell you that being a Muslim every one according to the teaching of the holy Quran is a witness of the universal gospel truth of Islam to be a complete code of life for all humanity through the practical examples ones words and deeds. I believe in the holy verse ” kuntm khaira ummaten ukhrejat lennas–Alquran”. No one can bear my responsibility on the day of judgement as the Holy Quran says..”wa la taziru waziratan wizra ukhra”–Alquran. We cannot put the blame on any one else, be it the misguided mullah or a contractor of religion as you deem me to be so. One must not frown when we talk about the illegitimacy of usury and ‘Interest’ in Islam because ‘Interest’ based exploitative economic system according to the holy Quran is tantamount to wage war against Allah and his holy prophet(saws) “fazannu beharbin minaa’Llahi wa rassulehi” Al-Quran. I cannot dare issue a ‘fatwa’ but being a Muslim, learning the holy Quran and trying to act upon its injunction is obligatory on every one of us. I just quoted few verses from the Holy book and I am afraid you will again dub me a mullah for quoting these verses. I believe you are a much enlightened, practical and pious Muslim than I am. My point of view is in the never ending rebuttal is that for the character building of our children, our educationist must be role model Muslims and we should strive to produce role model educationists from our own community otherwise the ship our directionless nation cannot reach the shore of true democracy and prosperity. This is my ideology and I will defend to the death this ideology of mine, according to my capacity and understanding because I deem myself answerable to my Creator both in this world and the hereafter.
    Kehta hon wohi baat samajta hon jesey haq,
    Na ablae masjid hon na tehzib ka farzand
    Now you have the right to refute my ideology with logic but you cannot forfeit the right of expression by attributing the epithets of a radical, an extremist or a mullah with me.

  8. Mr. Assad I appreciate your worthy comments on this website. But I have come to the conclusion that we are wasting our time. What we are saying is not against Carey, rather it seems that we are against one particular family. They have nothing to say logically and rationally but seem the king’s men, loyal to shah more than the shah. And more interestingly more of the people are not directly the stakeholders in this institution, neither they have their children, nor any other thing. They just carve out monetary benefits of this school and so these are calling the shots. So why we should waste our time with these war-mongers.
    As far as the comments of Kausar are concerned, just ignore them. This person is personally known to me, a failed lawyer, a failed politician and an undermined businessmen. What I suggest is that just ignore his comments. He is an oriental Mr. Brown. These people will ignore religion at once if monetary benefit comes to fore. We are happy with our Allah, His injunctions, His Quran and the Sunnah of our Prophet. Let them play what they want.
    As far as Carey is concerned, I am not sure that she is coming back, as Ch. Nisar is one of the Chouhdaries of Punjab, and not a worthless man unable to carry his words. I am sure that we will never see Carey in Chitral anymore.
    Hey pro-Carey group I am sorry for my comments, but if anything bad happens upon her return, then I will be the only person regularly visiting you in Adyala jail or Attock Jail.

  9. @Arsalan Mirza:
    The problem with you people is that you use the Great religion the way it suites your way. My question is very simple if Yahud and Nasara were not your friend why your vice-principal and other friend worked there for so long a time? You enjoyed all perks and benefits under a Christian supervisor, now when you were thrown out of the School, they became your enemies. Now who is talking of logic, let the readers decide it. You are very dangerous people, you will paint me as liberal fascist and even apostate. You have the authority to do it, because you people are the unchallenged contractors of religion. But rest assured your days in TLSC have already been numbered. You can carry forward your ideology from other schools.

  10. @Assad:
    Same is the case with me. I know you well, you are a nice fellow that is also true. But it pains me a lot when highly educated and sensible people of your stature start acting like an illiterate Mulla. There is no question of involving religion in this particular case. Suppose if you are awarded a scholarship for PhD in France, would you refuse it, merely because, France is a Christian dominated country? Islam is an all inclusive religion and calls upon its followers to pursue knowledge. We owe a lot to our Christian brothers for providing modern quality education to our children in Pakistan. The Missions and Convent Schools in every nook and corner of the country are testimony to this fact. Few days ago I came across a report in a newspaper saying all the three positions in Mardan board in SSC examination are clinched by students of Présentation Convent School, Risalpure Cantt. The mission schools have produced Pakistani students of international fame. You are of the view yourself, that freedom of expression is a fundamental right, I think selecting educational institution for children education is also a fundamental right. If I sent m’y children to TLSC headed by a foreigner, you should have no objection at all. Frankly speaking I have no proof that you were involved in issuing sarcastic remarks about others’ sects, but I have undeniable evidence that your vice-principal was involved in sectarian diatribe. I support Madam Carey, simply because under her supervision TLSC will turn into a bastion of inter communal harmony and our children Will learn to live with complete mutual co-existence. That would be an asset for the prosperous future of Chitral and it is not possible with a Pakistani vice-principal at the helm of affairs.

  11. Mr. Assad, you should not mind the caustic approach of these mentally colonized, nose-led individuals. It is their wont to dub those who talk of religion as a complete code of life to be extremists, a narrow minded mullah because their ex masters along with the exploitative forces have indoctrinated their minds that Islam is just a private affair. So Mr. Assad, you should not have talked of Islamic way of education, Islamic economic system which forbids interest, Islamic social justice which bars oppression of all kinds and Islamic political system which ends all sorts of exploitation. You are talking of the Quranic injunction not to befriend a Jew and a Christian, you argue to educate ones children under model Islamic educationists so that they can prove to be true leaders of the future, priding in their own identity, religion, values and culture, my dear Assad, these are ideas which are enough to make them taunt you with the epithet of a mullah as these people live in the fantasy world of London, Paris and Washington. When any one talks of Islamic ideology, Islamic way of life in our ideologically based homeland, it touches them to their quick and in their anger they lose the last grain of sanity and tolerance, thus calling them obscurantists. They do not argue with logic as they cannot think independently and decide independently. These are the ways of the so called enlightened and identity lost educated class. So don’t be downcast at their remarks, let these worshipers of the rising sun be jubilant at a trash news which is about to bring them nothing except despair and remorse in the long run.

  12. Mr.kausarul Mulk.I don’t want to argue with because your comments have nothing to do with me.In fact niether I am supporter of someone nor against any particular group.I have no personal animosity with Carey.Freedom of expression is the just right of every one ;I have the right to express myself and to put across what I think to be right.At the same time I admit your right to differ with my comments but that has to be within the domain of ethics.I had put forward general sort of comment but it was you who come down so hard to personal attack making such an emotive and disparaging comments.You could have conveyed your point of view in a subtle way,the way the members of educated community generally do.My dear! if emotions run high,sanity takes back seat_so never follow anyone so blindly and obsessively.As far as seeking knowledge in China is concerned ,it doesn’t mean that at the time of Prophet China was the centre of learning and the Prophet would advise them to go there and receive the knowledge.It only signifies the long distance from Arabia to China as don’t back off in pursuing education even if you need to cover that much long distance.In your case a wrong juxtaposition and reference.Moreover,you have levelled accusations against me that I have been involved in making sarcastic comments against other sect(I didn’t quite get it),such a big blame!I have never ever made that kind of comment in my whole life not for a single time and not even unwitingly.I have no personal hostility with you Mr.Kausarul Mulk and Thank you very much for such comments and slandering.

  13. Madam Carey should be back certainly. She is disciplined and justified in her reforms of her institution moreover she takes care of the social and moral values of the people of Chitral. Mr. Langland is also a nice fellow but not a successful administrator.

  14. I really appreciated the work done by the people particuarly the BoG. Although it was an anecdote which was being made by the pessimistic people. The struggle of Ms. Carey in rejuvenating the educational standard is worth to mention.

  15. Congratulations to all my students and friends.
    I am thankful to interior minister for his honest decision. In particular I wish to thanks Governors, they are supportive and have been working on the visa issue . I extend special thanks to the editor of chitraltoday website for his great service and for their ongoing support. Many shared their writing experiences and did make their comments. To all these people, I extend my heartfelt thanks. And, as always, I thank our principal, Carey Schofield, who sustain us with patience and love.

  16. It is the poor mindset (of mentally poor people) discussing a non-issue, has nothing to do with them, of non-concern. Matter is the TLSC and the issue of principal, you poor minded people fighting by words with one another. I am really exhausted from your comments, therefore, only see the report, not a single comment.
    Shame on you for your poor mindset and poor education. Some of you brace with being ultra secular, some ultra religious-both poorly educated, just doing writing practice on this site. If you want to write first practice in a piece of paper then come to the paper.
    This poor editor, is doing the same job, letting you to write here.

    1. @ Mohsin Danish:
      After reading your comment about the ‘mentally poor masses’, I was too eager to read something different and knowledgeable from you Monsieur—the self proclaimed paragon of knowledge & intelligence. However, to my utter dismay I read the 7 lines/115 words composition thrice, but could not find a slightest indication about the richness of your mind and mentality. Don’t mind it, sir.
      May be for you it is too noisy and useless debate. Let me show you some of the bright aspects:
      It gives an opportunity to the ‘ultra-secular’ and ‘ultra-religious’ to share their views. Ultimately there will emerge a more balanced and enlightened opinion at the end of the day. Through these very discussions youths like us are learning the decorum and etiquettes of presenting ones views in a forum. No doubt, it will take time to get maturity. Moreover, the Langlands School saga and the discussion thereon provide us a great lesson: for the long run success of any institution an effective BoG and strict rule of law is a must. Again in this very forum, people are daring to ask questions and showing their differences even with the very learned and respectable personalities—be it Dr. Faizi or Capt. Shahzada Siraj Ulmulk and others. Raising questions, presenting different opinion is a sign of an educated and vibrant society. Surely, we should be respectful and pragmatic while debating and showing differences of opinion.
      And lastly, I just couldn’t digest your remarks about the ‘poor editor’. You call him ‘poor editor’, because “he is letting us to write here”. Wow! What a logic. If you allow me to borrow your own words, you should be ashamed of it, sir. In fact, Mr. editor, the worthy son of the soil, is truly a man of virtue and a professional journalist who is giving space to everyone without any discrimination and obviously without taking any pressure from any side. That’s how he along with his team has literally become the voice of the ‘voiceless’. The beauty of this esteemed online paper is that, here everyone is treated with equality: be it a Mr, a mullah, a faqeer, a realist, an idealist, a Ph.D or even a Chitrali Charsi! That’s what the freedom of expression is. And that’s called respecting others ideas/opinion. Congratulation to you sir, Mr. editor! Chitral must be proud of you.
      So, dear Mohsin Danish, apny naam ka he kuch laaj rakh. Kuch tou ‘ihsanmandi’ ki baat kr, ho saky tou kuch ‘danishmandi’ ki baat kr!!! Otherwise, just bashing others is neither ‘Ihsan’ nor ‘Danish’. God bless you!
      Shikwa-e-zulmat-e-shab se to kahin behtar tha,
      Apne hisse ki koi shama jalate jaate…
      Nisar Ahmad Shah
      Garam Chashma

  17. Zahoor Ul Haq Danish right to say that islam is the religion of faith. we should avoid to issue fatwas against scholars. therefore, all comentratoer should follow the Islamic teaching of Mr.Zahoor

  18. @Assad:
    I neither Mr. Brown not Hazrat Mulana Assad, I am an ordinary Muslim. You bred on a salary given by a male Christian for a long time, now you came to remember the verses of Quran. You despite being a well educated man behaving like a hard core militant. Our beloved prophet said,” Seek knowledge even if it is in China”. Now I ask you a question, how many Muslim teachers were there in China then? Seeking knowledge is obligatory, religious affiliation of a teacher holds no importance in Islam. I think you and your boss were deviating poles a part from Islam by issuing sarcastic remarks against your students belonging to other sects. Is hurting sectarian sentiments of innocent children allowed in Islam? Enough is enough.

  19. Precisely reported, ‘the manipulators had to kiss the dust at last’.
    Great news! Welcome back Miss Carey

  20. Congratulations to all! We should all be thankful to Ms. Carey for bringing G.D. Langland School up to the standard. Her return is a great hope to Chitrali nation. Special thanks to all who made it possible.

  21. well!it is not strange to have it done after so much cry….but the irony of fate is this that the devoted carey obsessed group all the time sharpened their tools against their former teachers sayng all the odds against them..teachers must be respected.again you people dont deserve to be teacherz at all as you tried to undervalue the great work of Langlands palm greased employees of Carey .you have just fixed your eyes on the immediat shareable reward that you will receive by using your courtly wit.

  22. I am sure things will get more complicated with the return of the Lady. The Lady is incapable of working in peace and harmony. Its obvious from her track record that she is moody and impulsive. Moreover, she didn’t pay heed to the self-respect of teachers and student alike. Apart from that she didn’t follow the law and culture of the land. If she really did return, her problematic nature will surely make her stay short.

  23. hahaha Mr.kausarul Mulk you are mistaken in my case.I am not l sort of person to be thrown out by your beloved Carey if I would have been there.By the way Its you people who have opened up a Pandora Box.Your comments are devoid of any logic except personal attacks thats too based on conjecture.As far as opening up a madrassa is concerned,its better to be part of that rather than being a half breed english(neem angriz) or a typical Mr.brown like you people with lost Identity.

  24. its a tragic truism that we as a nation have developed such a psyche that we always look towards others as our saviours.instead of focusing on our own shortcomings we are in a happy ignorance ,waiting for someone to come for our rescue.couldnt we stand on our own?Mr.Asad didn’t say anything wrong,you cannot deny these unfortunate state of affairs.

  25. Hey mudslingers, hate-mongers, class-sentiment-exploiters and conspiracy theorists, you might have understood now that all the dirty game was played by a few individuals! Yes you should understand it and get embarrassed for all the dirty comments that you posted in their favour! Now you got it that the DC and the few individuals had their own axes to grind in this ‘controversy’?? And for this they cunningly engineered wrong narratives and exploited your sentiments. Even some cream scholars of Chitral got swept away by them. Remember one thing: truth and fair play always win, no matter how much you strive to curb them! In this very case Carey was right, morally, legally and in every aspect. The anti-Carey individuals were wrong, yes WRONG they were. Noticed how everyone exposed them and their game? Starting from Siraj ul Mulk, then GD Langlands himself, then BoG members especially the founder of the school, then CM KPK, then the international media, then Sanator Fouzia, then the Senate itself, and lastly the interior minister Chaudhri Nisar. Need more still?? Now enough please! Both Langlands and Carey are respectable for us. Langlands because he has rendered great services to us and has got retired; Carey because she is rendering enormous service to educate our new generation in the real sense. We need her because the future of the school and our children are dearer to us. At least we cannot afford TLSC to fall into the hands of lobbyists. Those who after all want JI lobbyists’ school, they can send their children to Qutaiba school at Denin. But for God’s sake stop playing with TLSC which is our only hope in relation to quality education and disciplined upbringing of our new generation. Let us all of us own the school now, rising above all dividing affiliations, whatever they are. Let’s do this at least for the sake of our children.
    P.S. Zulfiqar thank you so much for fighting for this cause! You have helped save the future of not only a school, but also a generation. Hats off! I wish we had just a couple of more journalists like you in Chitral! Let’s hope they, now, muster up courage to tread your path! Thank you!
    Congratulatins Chitralis, you have won it from lobbyists!!!!

  26. It looks that Mr Asad and others were happy with British Man and dislike the British Lady. I am a parent of two students I will prefer that my children will get education from well learned foreigner than neem mula of my native village.

  27. @Assad
    Mr. Assad your disperation Is perfectly genuine, because You were thrown out of the School by Carey. You are representing a typical mindset présent in Pakistan,which has eaten the very foundations of Our country; using religion as a tool for personel gains. M’y friendly suggestion to You and your boss Abdullah, Is to open a Madrassa with Abdullah as Muhtamim and you as a jurist. You and your outdated ideas have no place in TLSC. In your Madrassa, there would be no one to stop You bashing the Great Quaid e Azam. Hats off to You Mr. Zulfiqar.

  28. If it is true then it would be yet another unfortunat episode and a reminder of Raymond Devis and Dr.Aafia case as how our rulers bow down to foreign pressure.Yet again almighty dollar seems to have shown its strength.It is a reflection of the very fact that even after 68 years of our independence we are not an independent nation in true sense;we have no confidence in our self_we still look towards the west to run a small school.Looking at these events it seems that the day is not far away when these mentally colonized people will be demanding Washington for taking over the whole affairs of our beloved country.What happened to our people?Have we forgotten the golden teachings of Quran.In Suray e Baqara it has been explicitly mentioned,”These Yahuudu Nasara can never be true friends of yours”.Is it not true that the very lady has imposed interest(suud) upon monthly fees in case of delayed payment? Have we forgotten the Quranic injunctions where it has been clearly mentioned that whoever indulges in interest based bargaining is tentamount to declaring war against Allah and his Messenger.How can you be so blind to these gospel truth.Do you think that you carried the day looking at the piece of writing?I tell you what,you would realize later on as how much you lost in order to get how little.There is no need to be so jubillant over it.Its not you but the almighty dollar seems to be triamphant momentarily.

    1. Cool down Assad, don’t issue fatwaas against people. Was whatever you people were doing true in the light of Quran Injuctions?? don’t exploit religion again, fear Allah! Islam is faith, not an instrument to fulfill your personal/political interests with. Enough is enough with your exploitations of people’s religious sentiments! Answer me a few questions:
      You were spreading wrong rumours, is that right in Islam?? You were backbiting people here, is that right in Islam?? You were spreading malicious slandering against Carey and other respectable people, is that right in Islam? You were spreading wrong narratives against them without ‘tehqeeq’, is that right in Islam?? Let me quote two verses of the Holy Quran, which you were categorically going against:
      ١.ان بعض الظن اثم، فلا تجسسوا ولا يغتب بعضكم بعضا. ايحبّ احدكم ان يأكل لحم اخيه، فكرفتموه.
      ٢.اذا جاءكم فاسقٌ بنبإٍ فتبينو…
      Ab maafi maango un sab logon sy jinke barey may ghalat baten tum kar rahey, warna Allah bhi tumhe maaf nahi kare gaa.

  29. thnx God at last our children’s future seems 2 shine once again…mr zulfiqar thnxxx alooot 4 ur master piece writtings…thnx BOG n samina abid..

  30. Wow! I’m awed. I didn’t really hope things would turn so much easy. But at last they have and our deepest desire met. Thanks to all of those who input their effort and a great deal of commitment.

  31. hurrraaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa , Thanks GOd………. Congrats to all Chitralis and supporters, Well done BoG, Senator Samina Abid and Nisar…………………………….

  32. I ma sooooooooo happy. haters gonna hate anyway. but yes, justice won. thanks #Zulfiqar you did a great job. =) #mamcareyIScomingBACK

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