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A big THANK from China!

My dear editor! 
Asalamu Alikoom!! 
Today I attended a call from my brother Muhammad Hayat from Chitral who told me that a handsome amount of money has been arranged by my senior officers at the DHQ Hospital Chitral to pay my tuition fees.
letterMy brother added that Dr. Nazir Hussain sahab told him that he has transferred the amount of money to my visa card in Allied Bank New Bazar Chitral branch on behalf of PDA DHQ Hospital Chitral.
I bloomed like that rose which had faded due to lack of water, suddenly my courage reached the peak of my unlimited scale because I was very enthusiastic in my study in foreign country. I felt that it was a facsimile torrential raining of the mercy of my Allah over me. I thank all my respected and honorable doctors of Chitral, first they sent me here to pursue my study for five years in MBBS then helped me to fulfill my desire to become a doctor.
I am proud to be their junior that they never left me alone in any stage of my academic process. Fabulist will write it in their fable as a historic part in the history of Chitral that how much I sacrificed to get this knowledge in China and how much my doctors supported me by their encourage and precious advices.
I will try to be efficient with my all efforts to bring a medical advance knowledge in my medical study series, so I become a qualified doctor to deliver acceptable and efficacious services to my great nation of Chitral.
Some other friends especially some of my students who were taught by me time to time in different public schools treated me as their spiritual brother and father. May Allah divine me that I replace all of above my dear’s battlements in a shape of strong prayers.
My message through your eminent news channel is that may Allah open the gates of his secret treasury for all of them. Namely one of my great students, Irfanullah currently lives in London and belongs to Shalden, supported me more than his capacity. Also I mention about my great senior medical officer Dr Nazir Hussain Shah sahab that in short period of time he worked very fast than the speed of light for me. 
May almighty my great Allah abloom them in this world and that world where we all have to be appeared before him on the day of resurrection. 
Thanks a Lot TO all of you my kind hearted and faithful PDA’s companion and my students from different part of the world. 
Your these great act of kindness will never be forgotten. 
{the wings of the thirsty prisoner bird of knowledge in a cage are opened and the bird left the soil of his land clapping its tired wings to each other” …”the nation set free and opened its wings to fly up in the sky of the knowledge”}. 
Special message In The last of my these paragraph that I would extremely like to remember two of my great Doctors Dr. Sher Qayum sahab ex EDO Health and Dr. Farman, pulmonologist, contributed me during my last four years study that time when I was leaving for China to get medical education, their this act of Kindness also can not be forgotten I wish that may almighty Allah uphold their respect always high. My greatest brother and my Childhood friend Manger Tariq Ahmad SRSP is also one of the notable man out of them. 
Dunya Salamat Behchigiko E wajah Haya. 
Muhtaram Insan Dunya yi Kam Nu Ma Boni. 
(Fazlur Rahman Shaheed). 

Your sincere son|brother|friend 
Muhammad Hakim 
Final-year student 
Sichuan Medical University


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