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Sir, I wish the ongoing TLSC controversy was over but there are people who carry it on. Towards the end of this controversy, I would like to point out an important aspect of the School before Miss Carey took over.
faiziThe School was a student-friendly institute. The Langland School had established linkages with FC College University Lahore, Aicheson College Lahore and Ghulam Ishaq Khan Institute Swabi for admission of students in various grades and disciplines. During the past 15 years 128 students belonging to middle class and lower middle class graduated from the above mentioned institutions.Miss Carey clased this important window on her first convenience.
I would like to quote only two examples. Engr Noor Muhammad, son of Sher Muhammad Chewdok, student of Ghulam Ishaq Khan Institute, is now in UAE. Imran, son of Abdul Wali Khan Zargarndeh, a student of FC College University is now in China persuing his PhD. This welfare facility of the Langland School will remain closed in case Miss Carey is allowed to come back.

Dr. Inayatullah Faizi
Balim, Chitral


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  1. oh sch a poor piece of writting mr inayatullah faizi m astonished of ur way of thinking..there were only few students who got the opportunity to study n Aicheson n Fc college bt Ms Carey provided the enviroment of conceptual studies 2 awl the students equally..every 1 can feel da pztive changes in the students…

  2. Totally agree with Nighat and others. Mr. Inayatullah Faizi was coordinator of Abdul Wali Khan University and even cannot run one single month. He terminated our children belonging to Chitral and gave chance to Mardan based people non performers. Now he has started to destroy TLSC issue.
    And for future if you pointed out respected Carey Schofield and Board of Directors of Sayurj School and College, we will send you legal notice. You are the only person creating issue to the entire TLSC staff and students.

  3. She has been caught into her own trap!the way she had handled the affairs of the indisputable institution speaks volumes about her abilities as an adminstrator.every good administrator first of all takes the senior staffs into his confidence before moving ahead with some innovative plans,but the good miss carrey in the first instance created a rift between herself and the majority of the senior teachers this resulting in an in ending crisis.if she was so concerned with the welfare of the institution then she shouldn’t have taken such steps.

  4. Tlsc has become a bee in the bonnet for the pro carey group, nay it seems to be like a crushing blow to the ego of the egotistic ring master who manages to fabricate new tales every day. A man in the street knows it quite clearly that they have nothing to do with educating the masses. 128 sons of chitral who could not dream of graduating from the topmost famous varsities like Ghulam ishaq khan institute, f c college university and Aitcheson college , N U S T etc on sholarships granted by major Langlands, is blatantly denied by the pro carey group. The immediate affactees are the students and the teachers but they are the victims of power politics disguised in the support of an english journalist lady. In the heat of controvercy , on the absence of a principal , their judgement and understanding is befogged by concocted stories but time will prove that it is actaully a scuffle of ownership . So they are hellbent not to accept kpk govt to interefere in the resolution of the issue , as it would mean running of the school under check and balance mechanismof the public representativees( govt of kpk). In view of the huge investment made by the govt of pakistan ,this educational institute will not be left at the mercy of those who strive to perpetuate thier monopoly on the school. After eid kpk govt will take over the management of the school and once for all when the feud of ownership is settled, it will turn into a happy move both for the teachers and the students. So far much indecencies have been shown even by some of the ex students and others who are now teachers of tlsc, which does not suit educated individuals therafore it will be becoming on their part to be decent and logical in presenting thier arguments rather than trying to malign respectable personalities and teachers.

  5. @ Dr.Faizi:
    The difficulty is that the people are using this crises for their own reasons. The school is still student-friendly institution because all the students don’t ready to accept any other principal except Carey Schofield. Again Dr. Sahab you are unable to assess the performance of the school, the students show ever best result from the last two years but quality education takes time. If you are going to compare the performance of TLSC without any reason with any other institution in Chitral or compare to the past of TLSC. Then your survey should be research- oriented and your data should support your arguments otherwise you can’t convince people.You are a highly educated, you should not criticize the performance of a professional. Don’t try to make confusion and support the people to clarify confusion about this artificial crises.

  6. The contribution of Langland School and College with respect to providing of quality education in Chitral is enormous. I think it is the first private educational institution in Chitral. Each and every institution has its own strengths and limitations and there is always space for improvement. If we look this issue we should not be focused on the individuals rather we need to look it holistically. The most important stakeholders are the students and they should not be suffered in any cost. If we start blaming each others the issue will become more complex and ultimately the students and the teachers of the institution would be suffered. Individuals should not be allowed to work for their personal interests or for a particular party. Each individual has his/her own opinion about any particular issue but it is not the way to attack on the persons with the bad words which is not allowed in our religioun and culture.My suggestion would be to stop this debate and blame game and let the district and provincial government to decide for the best interest of students and teachers particularly and for Chitral generally.

  7. With regards to the prevailing situation of G.D Langlands Scool, we should think about
    1. Who discovered Ms. Carry?
    2. What is her background?
    3. Was she an educationist?
    4. Why the senior teachers were terminated?
    5. In 80’s and 90’s who provided support to Mr. Langlands to run the senior section?
    6. Did Ms. Carry provide any evidence/reason before termination?
    7. If the performance of the senior teachers was not up to the mark, who produced the brilliant professionals as mentioned by Dr. Faizi
    8. Who stared the dirty politics? And who was constantly providing guidance to Carry??
    9. Who suggested Carry to abruptly increase the monthly fee?
    10. Should this school be for elite class only?
    11. The senior teaches having experience of decades, are not eligible to take over the administration?
    12. Chitralis to be beware of the mafia, trying to mislead the parents?

  8. respected faizi sb
    we agree with you…the school prospered under the benign leadership of LANGLANDS and provided the society with cream.Now the carey devoted are bent upon ignoring his great contribution.another factor that we must not ignore that carey ruled the school all in all even did not give permission to LANGLANDS to visit it one year back.this year one if the member ot trustees came all over from lahore to visit the school she was also denied the us a pity to know what kind of people have taken control of the school

  9. What a trash of writing, thoughts and attitude by totally ignoring the feelings of all the parents who earnestly feel that the future of their children is put to risk by unlawfully, illegitimately and dishonestly sacking a person in Carey. Every aware and honest person of the society is wailing over the mishap the institute is suffering while Ms Carey is victimized for the wrongs she never did and whatever she did was the sentiments of all the stakeholders excluding a handful opportunists. For me by denying the rightful place to Ms Carey we are demonstrating that selflessness, integrity, dedication and all the good norms of a healthy society are unacceptable while we would resist every attempt aimed at dislodging our self-centered interests, our egoism and snobbery. With all my honesty we should realize that this mental attitude and behavioral pattern must change or forced to change. No a person should be allowed to take hostage of a matter impacting most of the society and my frankly requests go to Dr. Faizi sb it is better to be a part of positive change than being a hurdle. We expect your mature guidance and truthfulness on all important issues and your voice should not be quoted to affirm mischievous agenda.

  10. Respected Faizi Sir! Your bonafide suggestions and constructive advice would fall flat upon these myopic beings as these people are suffering from an obsession and have a bee in their bonnet about Carey.Difference of opinion is a beauty of democracy.They say that lets agree to disagree first because innovation is the product of difference of 9opinion that ultimately leads to long term solutions.But here these pro carey group have no guds to even disagree in accordance with the canons of ethics and polite society.Some of them appear here under fake names with malafide intentions to ridicule respected personalities like Mr. Faizi.At the same time they claim to be the so called propagator of progressive education in chitral and an advocate of the ex imported principal.Before talking about education,first learn basics of ethics then your arguments will hold water or carry some weight.But remember your Carey carries no weight for us as compared to our great mentor Dr.Inayatullah Faizi.

  11. This is such a poor piece of writing with little substance. With the senate committee taking notice of the issue, i am hopeful things will settle down for good.

  12. I think the school should focus on its existing activities rather expanding into welfare ventures..Change is always welcomed even it cost us closing some welfare activities..

  13. @Dr Faizi:
    This is apropos Dr Inayatullah Faizi’s letter titled ‘TLSC, Welfare’. It is annoying because it is ‘UNTRUE’ and ‘UNFAIR’. Miss Schofield has worked hard to invigorate links with the best institutes of higher education in Pakistan. Can you deny Mr Faizi??
    Last year, at her invitation, a team from FC College Lahore visited Chitral to speak to students of The Langlands School and College and their parents to explain the system of admission and the financial support available.
    As part of her effort to share resources with other school good schools in the district she suggested that to the principals of the Aga Khan Higher Secondary School and the FC Public School that they might also like sessions with the FCC team. Both schools gratefully accepted. Can you deny this, Mr Faizi??
    This effort on behalf of students in Chitral should be seen in the context that FC College is now no longer offering automatic financial assistance to students from remote districts. The initiative was an effort to overcome this hurdle and build a strong and durable link.
    I just could not understand why would Ms Schofield, who has been working to improve the educational opportunities of Chitrali children, want to close welfare facilities??? How exactly would this benefit her???
    Please explain this clearly, without spite or innuendo. Dr Inayatullah and his friends seem to be twisting and turning, desperate for any story that they can use against Ms Schofield. Their motives are clear. They should, however, for the sake of their own reputations, have some regard for truth. This a pity to hear this from a man like Faizi.

  14. Dear sir, I’m still not getting what kind of welfare facility you are talking about. Is it the one which is termed as “Tora Bora Society” by the bunkers of GDLS, that has been controlled and banned after arrival of Miss Carey Schofield. Previously the reputation and graph of GDLS was declining just because of such welfare facilities. Second if Miss Carry was unable or not capable of running the school in a better way as it deserves, then my question is how majority of it students came up with flying colors in recent held matriculation examination? Compare the result with Mr. Abdullah’s time, you’ll get a better idea.

  15. It is suggested that the school may be handed over to Mr. Inayat Faizi sb. He has vast experience of teaching and also he ran Abdul Wali Khan university campus chitral in an “exemplary” way.

    1. I agree with Nighat, you said well. Inayatullah Faizi has to do PHD in any education subject. Then he will know how to run an organization.

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