3 Replies to “Ode to a DC (daring courtier)”

  1. I support Inquiry. Punish Abdullah, Accountant sher Ahmad, dolomuch mafia, Thekadars, Basheer misri & recover million of rupees.
    Bring back the looted money.
    I request Imran Khan, CM & DC.

  2. Sir zoohur can do nothing because DC has broken the spinal cord of all opportunists of both sides miss Carey and sir Langlands, with his brilliant decision. Please sir you have to be happy there will be inquiry into all matters of TLSC. Only those people need to worry who are corrupt. All honest people should be happy. Secretary Education is the most honest secretary in history of kpk, this every1 knows.
    Am I right sir?
    Operation “Zarb e Langlands” to be launched soon after Ramadan ul Mubarik INSHAALLAH.

  3. Go cry some where else sir. This is independent Pakistan, no more British raj where nobles usurped every thing. Now you will see power of common man. Don’t play with our future for your status quo Mr. Zahoor please.
    Taufeeq Hussain
    A Common Chitrali

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