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KP govt proposed to take over Langlands School, says DC

ISLAMABAD: The KP govt has been proposed to take over Langlands School Chitral.

In a telephonic interview with ChitralToday on Monday night, the DC said he had communicated the proposal to the KP government through the chief secretary.

He said the chief secretary had ordered an inquiry into the current affairs of the school under the secretary education who would visit Chitral soon after Eidul Fitr. The DC denied making any announcement along with GD Langlands and Mr Abdullah, the former vice-principal of the school, declaring the services of Carey Schofield terminated and restoring the sacked teachers.

“This is just propaganda to malign me by Mr Abdullah and Co. and the other group for their own vested interests. The district administration is not a party to the case. I am neither with Abduallah, Langlands nor anybody else.”

He said the school was established in 1988 by the then deputy commissioner Chitral and since then the incumbent deputy commissioner has been the chairman of its board of governors (BoG). As such, the DC added, he was now the chairman of the BoG and had the authority to appoint the principal in consultation with the BoG.

The interesting thing about BoG of the Langlands School, according to the deputy commissioner, was that it was virtually nonexistent as its members belonged to different parts of the country such as Peshawar, Islamabad, Lahore, etc., and seldom or never met.

“We have no record of the BoG as Major Langlands used to call the shots and run the school despite being appointed by the then deputy commissioner as the principal after his retirement from Razmak Cadet College,” said the DC. When asked why GD Langlands created the controversy if he had no authority to take such decisions, the DC said: “He is the king of the ring as he had been running the school like he was the owner as the BoG seldom met.”

The deputy commissioner acknowledged that Major Langlands had no authority to make such announcements dismissing the school Principal Carey Schofield who was appointed by its BoG, adding Langlands himself was appointed as principal by the then deputy commissioner in consultation with the BoG. He said Carey Schofield was still the ‘rightful principal’ of the college, and the sacked teachers had no ‘locus standi’. “He [Langlands] was just an employee like any other person working for the school. He was not the owner.

The BoG handpicked him to work as the principal and he served there till 2013. Then the BoG appointed Ms Schofield as the principal [and] you’re right he’s nobody to hire or fire,” he maintained. However, the deputy commissioner made interesting remarks about the future line of action by the district administration to reign in those hell-bent on making the institution controversial, saying he had proposed to the chief secretary to ask the provincial government to take over the school.

He said the chief secretary had ordered an inquiry into the matter headed by secretary education who will reach in the town after Eidul Fitr to undertake an impartial inquiry into the matter in order to resolve the issue once for all.

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