KP govt proposed to take over Langlands School, says DC

ISLAMABAD: The KP govt has been proposed to take over Langlands School Chitral.

In a telephonic interview with ChitralToday on Monday night, the DC said he had communicated the proposal to the KP government through the chief secretary.

He said the chief secretary had ordered an inquiry into the current affairs of the school under the secretary education who would visit Chitral soon after Eidul Fitr. The DC denied making any announcement along with GD Langlands and Mr Abdullah, the former vice-principal of the school, declaring the services of Carey Schofield terminated and restoring the sacked teachers.

“This is just propaganda to malign me by Mr Abdullah and Co. and the other group for their own vested interests. The district administration is not a party to the case. I am neither with Abduallah, Langlands nor anybody else.”

He said the school was established in 1988 by the then deputy commissioner Chitral and since then the incumbent deputy commissioner has been the chairman of its board of governors (BoG). As such, the DC added, he was now the chairman of the BoG and had the authority to appoint the principal in consultation with the BoG.

The interesting thing about BoG of the Langlands School, according to the deputy commissioner, was that it was virtually nonexistent as its members belonged to different parts of the country such as Peshawar, Islamabad, Lahore, etc., and seldom or never met.

“We have no record of the BoG as Major Langlands used to call the shots and run the school despite being appointed by the then deputy commissioner as the principal after his retirement from Razmak Cadet College,” said the DC. When asked why GD Langlands created the controversy if he had no authority to take such decisions, the DC said: “He is the king of the ring as he had been running the school like he was the owner as the BoG seldom met.”

The deputy commissioner acknowledged that Major Langlands had no authority to make such announcements dismissing the school Principal Carey Schofield who was appointed by its BoG, adding Langlands himself was appointed as principal by the then deputy commissioner in consultation with the BoG. He said Carey Schofield was still the ‘rightful principal’ of the college, and the sacked teachers had no ‘locus standi’. “He [Langlands] was just an employee like any other person working for the school. He was not the owner.

The BoG handpicked him to work as the principal and he served there till 2013. Then the BoG appointed Ms Schofield as the principal [and] you’re right he’s nobody to hire or fire,” he maintained. However, the deputy commissioner made interesting remarks about the future line of action by the district administration to reign in those hell-bent on making the institution controversial, saying he had proposed to the chief secretary to ask the provincial government to take over the school.

He said the chief secretary had ordered an inquiry into the matter headed by secretary education who will reach in the town after Eidul Fitr to undertake an impartial inquiry into the matter in order to resolve the issue once for all.

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  1. People with small mindset and irrational logic are now being very happy over just a statement, Relax‼ It’s Pakistan and moreover Chitral, here implementations take place after centuries. No decision will be taken without the legal consent of the BoGs and responsible authorities. DC himself is half in the mud let him strive and say whatever to save this image and surviving in the district.
    Brothers, the Holly Qur’an Says: Translation Chapter No: 3 verse No: 64
    Say: “O People of the Book! Come to common terms as between us and you: That we worship none but Allah; that we associate no partners with him; that we erect not, from among ourselves, Lords, and patrons other than Allah.” If then they turn back, say ye: “Bear witness that we (at least) are Muslims (bowing to Allah’s Will).
    Brothers and Sisters: This is the holy month of Ramadan; we shall come to the common terms and negate selfishness, jealously, blaming others, speaking ill about others. Let’s first see who are we? And where do we stand. Is it right to calling Miss Carey a “Christian” and making that a base for her non-eligibility for the principal’s post? Rather than thinking about her as a an outsider Christian, Jew, Catholic or Muslim let’s just say she is a human like us. Let’s just for now not talk about what bad she has done. Just think what good has she done, and think how much of Muslim are we. If we negate her services and sacrifices done by Miss Carey for the developments of the school and for that a class 5 kid will also bear witness that yes, she was very good principal we all loved her She gave us all the rights of a student of which previously we had no idea. The most important right is of providing good and eligible teachers which Is the basic right of the students. And then the curricular and co-curricular activities she carried out with in the school. Can you negate that brother? Are the students sad about it????
    Since the controversy broke out some people are against Carey and specifically “Katoors”. I mean did we ever spoke ill about the common people and their rights over TLSC? Rather we say that the institution belongs to all Chitrali’s”. We never deny of the services provided By Sir Langland. He has been a God Father for most the ex-Langlandians and the common Chitrali people. We all know he always preferred education over any cast creed class or ethnicity. We the students over there always knew the fact that after his sickness and old age he was being manipulated by some people. Right!! There are people who hate Katoors just because they are Katoors. They have no other reason for that. They will always say ill about them, no matter what if they give their lands their important assets most important their time for it. For instance:
    We all know the services done by my respectable uncle Shahzada Siraj Ulmulk. Brothers‼ Please just think about it what will he do of Miss Carey’s money? I mean does he have less of a property, the most famous the most beautiful and successful tourist Hotel, it comes under 100 best hotels in the word. Did he build it from Carey’s money or from Langland’s money? Or from the school fund? For God sake Alhamdulillah he has enough of his own but yes, many at times he gave his wealth for the institution and its betterment. Now, obviously all the haters won’t agree to it because they hate us. I would just say let’s behave human for instant and come to the common terms accept realities and work TOGETHER. Let’s not get divided in pro and anti Carey groups for heaven sake.

  2. The contributions of TLSC are enormous. We owe to this school for producing scores of doctors, engineers, educationists, civil and military officers. But all this is, in no way to negate the achievements of other schools and colleges of chitral both private and public. To mention a few, alumni of Qutaiba Public School & College Chitral and Chitral Public School & College Chitral are second to none in any respect. We also owe to these schools for producing scores of doctors & other officers. In short span of time, within meagre resources and lot of problems and without any governmental patronage (unlike TLSC), the contributions ( say achievements) of Chitral Model College and Broze Public School are praiseworthy. Likewise,in the government sector, the performance of Boys Degree College and Girls Degree College is far better than TLSC. You may disagree but it’s a fact that merit of these government colleges are higher than TLSC. It is worthy to note that all these institutions are headed by local people and are successful. These institutions are functioning within restricted budgets, school improvement problems, tensions and dilemmas. 
    What I am trying to prove is that educational leadership is not an issue in TLSC, the real issue is lack of trust on local people. Given the confidence by the parents, resources and patronage from government, breathing space from BoG of TLSC ( that were available to Mr. Langlands & Ms. Carey in abundance) – the problems can be resolved and the tensions can be managed by any local principal of the caliber of Mr. Islam Uddin, Dr. Faizi, Prof. Abdu Sami, to name a few. 

  3. Well said Mr. Hafizullah that we parents are a direct party and stakeholders in this whole scenario. My prime concern is to educate my children according to the teachings of Islam. But are you justified in saying that our children will be a good Muslim under a non-Muslim Principal. If she is coming back then I am ready to opt another school for my children. I cannot and never compromise over the future of my children. I hail the proposal and now I am sure that after inquiry the malpractices of Ms. Carry and Gang will come to the public scene. The future of Chitrali students is saved if this proposal is accepted.

  4. Hafizullah.If you want your kids to be good Muslim and patriotic Pakistani then why you are reposing confidence in Christian principal.Was she here to make your kids a good Muslim or a patriotic pakistani.Your arguments and contradictions itself speak the truth.If you have nothing logical,its better to shut your mouth.

  5. What the …. you people are talking it seems that some of the commentators who are using the issue to release their frustration, they have completed their own schooling and not directly concern with the affairs of the School. We are the principal stakeholders as our children are still studying in the school and we are paying heavy fees for it. The teacher’s salary is coming from fees and people who pay fees should have say at the appointment of instructors. We need our kids should receive proper education along with good discipline and manners. Looking the comments of ex-students of this school, one can opine about their teachers. I have settled that if that ex-teacher are being re inducted in the school I am not ready to commit my children to that School again. Every parent’s desire that their children should be a good Muslim, productive and patriotic Pakistani and well behaved human and is being taught by good teachers. I am sure that the new teachers in the leadership of Ms Carey will provide proper education.
    We trust the precious time of our children will not be wasted in the name of the query, I request to the Chairman of BoD to open the School in your early and continue the inquiry simultaneously

  6. Great . Mr. Amin ul Haq sb. You are the great administrator . Keep up doing good for peaceful Chitral.

  7. Where are our brothers and sisters advocating for miss carey??
    Hawaii nikal gai subki?
    We are happy for our chitral. We believe CM Pervez khattak, obedient student of sir GDL will make sure that no opportunist will be able to fill his/her pocket from now onwards & make full use of the school money towards making it one of the best in Pakistan inshaAllah. Secretary Education is famous for his iron fist for corrupt people & his honesty towards his profession.
    Geo DC
    Geo Chitral
    Geo Pervez khattak
    Nasir Khan
    Unpaid Commentator for aam log ghareeb awam

  8. Absolutely sir Tanzil.This is the best solution that Sectory education should come,inquire into the matter,bring the culprits to justice,appoint new principal and remove all disputed ones,put the school on the right track,eliminate all the discrimination and curruption from the institute and set a proper system of check and balance for future generation to come….

  9. Hazaro saal nargis apni benoori pe roti hey,
    Bari mushkil se hota hey chaman me didawar paida.
    The elite class made property during British raj coming under their suzerainty. As a token they granted them to usurp as much as they could, and those who opposed British raj were either made to exile or killed, leaving nothing for their offsprings.
    The current scenario depicts the same with Queen flattered by courtiers, imposed imperial rules upon helpless populace, causing them pain and anguish, while the elite nobles prospered, until one sympathetic Englishman, just like William Wallace rescued the common man from clutches of queen.
    & Finally the proposal by DC to KP Government to take over TLSC, is just like a cool breeze in hot weather because there is a sense of ownership prevailing in every individuals mind for government is meant to serve common man, unlike British raj.
    I support with utmost zeal the current initiative of DC, and hopeful for bright future of every common Chitrali.
    Let the elite class taste some of their own medicine now.
    Kudos DC Chitral.
    Taufeeq Hussain
    A Common Chitrali

  10. The Dam is now broken. The impact of the flood can be calculated after its devastation and the statistics of the casualties will be beyond the range of scientific calculator. The revolution kill more Cena’s and Brutus and Queen of France never will give the suggestion of Biscuits’. The education and schooling is a duty not a privileged, education is for each class, not restricted to some families. Langland school and college is neither the copy hold of an individual nor the monopolization of a specific class of people. The proposal to KP govt is not really a good step, but the step of proposing principal for the institute by BoG and Dc Chitral is an excellent initiatives , make the DC Chitral the lion of Chitral.
    Tanzil Khan

  11. After a long pause, there is a hope now that the future of our brothers & sisters will be in safe hands soon. Neither sir GDL nor Miss Carey were able to handle affairs properly. Sir GDL looked more towards lower class while Miss Carey more interested in upper class. So no one was to look after our majority middle class. Now after Government takes over the driving seat, I am fully confident, TLSC will reach new heights.
    One suggestion to the authorities that please do revise the fees to an affordable level because it is impossible for most of us to bear current fees as Miss Carey was ignorant of Chitralis financial standings or she was intentionally trying to impose imperial charges on us.
    Hope the current PTI govt will live up to the expectations of ordinary people like us for the upper class have wider options at their disposal.
    Farheeha Idrees

  12. Ya Allah tera shukar hey DC sir ne sher ki tarha sub ko chip karadya. InshaAllah after inquiry, all nepotism will go to hell. Rightly said Mr.Assad
    Now the babber sher is out of bag and it won’t hesitate to engulf many snow leopards in one attack.
    I am very happy for that.
    Bhale Haley Miss Carey England me hi khappay khappy 😉
    Nasir Khan
    Old Langlandian

  13. Hmmm. Sane decision by DC Amin ul Haq. This move is an open slap on all those peoples faces, who were pursuing personal benefits in the said matter, on both sides.
    I would request through DC to Secretary Education that after thorough inquiry into the matters of TLSC, to conduct a Test of NTS nature for faculty members & select or retain teachers on Test score plus academic qualification.
    This will ensure merit, which in turn will reflect on performance of students & augur well for every one. Those who are good for nothing and those inducted by nepotism will filter out automatically God Willing.

  14. Govt should concentrate on thousands of govt. Schools, this will do nothing good for the school. DC is part of BOG he should give better suggetions. Reforms must be supported as they are aimed at betterment

  15. The issue is going on the right track at the moment. The institution was the property of government of Pakistan, who invested millions of rupees in buying the land, infrastructure and endowment etc. For what we were crying for is now going to happen. Now there is no room for the opportunists, businessmen, vultures and elites. I am sure that now the endowment fund will be in good hands and nobody else can make profit of this institution. Well done DC sb, you have done the right job. Now the best news is that secretary education is coming for inquiry, hopefully Mr. Mohammad Ali Shahzada, the most honest, law abiding and shrewd officer I have ever met. Now the scavengers of Chitral will be out of the scene. I am now sure that the only respectable institution and asset of Chitral will be saved. In the same manner the educational future of my two kids will be saved, as over and again I was thinking over to admit my kids in any other school of Chitral, if old ex-principal is en-rout to Chitral. Thank God.

  16. We don’t want KP and the district govt to ‘take over’ the school. Restore the BoG and bring back Carey Schofield.

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