Residents of flood-affected village call for help

It is to bring under the kind consideration of the MNA, MPAs and the DC Chitral that the village of Kargin, Mastuj, needs your urgent attention at the moment.
letterFrom the last few years, heavy floods have devastated the area thus badly affecting the lands and standing crops of poor people, which are their only source of livelihood. The people of the area forced to lead miserable life owing to the severe floods. The inhabitants of Kargin village are still waiting for the reliefs from Government and NGOs there.
Under the above circumstances the poor and affected people of Kargin need your urgent attention. At the moment heavy machinery is needed for work to stop the floods. The poor people will always pray for your success and long life.

Shujat Ali Bahadar
Chairman, Chumarkhan Area Development Organization (CADO)
(On behalf of people of Kargin, Mastuj).


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  1. Dear Bro,, Great effort from your side ,, keep it up please .one advise as your familiar to NGOS ,so please also raise voice in NGO sector for the poor people .thanks a lot

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