Traffic police harassing motorists

GARAM CHASHMA, June 28: The residents of the Garama Chashma valley have complained that the traffic police were harassing motorcycle riders and taxi drivers unnecessary.
trafficThe police officials stop motorcyclists and issue them tickets even if there was no justification for stopping them. The traffic police, however, are not taking action on merit but target only those who they dislike.
“If you have a good understanding within the force, you can get away even after violating the traffic law. But if your relation with the cops is not good and you are not ready to bow, you will be in trouble and have to pay the price every day,” said a regular commuter.
The main duty of the traffic police is to regulate traffic and challan the violators of traffic laws in a reformatory manner. However, in the Garam Chashma valley, the traffic police do not hesitate to insult and disgrace the common citizens and threaten to impound their vehicles and book them under different sections if they do not bow to them in humiliation.
Besides, taunting and the use of derogatory remarks by the police cops have become common in the area. It seems the police officials have been given a free hand to insult the citizens and there is no one to whom the people can complain. The residents of the valley have requested the DPO Chitral to take immediate notice of the matter.—Muhammad Amin Baloch


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