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NBP Chitral robbed!

Compensation for the plot and double storey building was estimated at Rs60 million but the KP government awarded only Rs37 million in compensation.

After passage of three years, the award has not been disbursed to the bank authorities despite release of funds for the purpose. It is learnt that in the old Pakhtunkhwa revenue department expected easy load from the bank authorities for proper estimation of award and in today’s new KP the works and services department expects at least 10% easy load for disbursement of the compensation.

National Bank Chitral is the agent of State Bank in the district. It gives services to 28 branches of banks, 10,000 account holders, 20,000 government servants and 600 pensioners from rented premises exposed to many threats and vulnerabilities.

I wonder whom should I address through this letter! Dar and Sharif will be dead busy. Imran Khan and Pervez Khattak will pay no heed. Perhaps Ahsan Iqbal and Asad Omar could be contacted. So, this is an open letter to all of them. Can we presume that NBP is an orphan and unclaimed baby in the 21st century? This is why broad daylight robbery by the provincial government goes unchecked.


Dr. Inayatullah Faizi (Tamgha-e-Imtiaz)


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  1. Fahim Jan says

    Robbery of NBP Chitral took place due to incompetency of officials especially management who are taking no interest in defending interest of the Bank. If management of the bank took keen interest in perusing the case properly neither bank building will be demolished nor robbery took place. At present NBP Chitral is offering worst type of service to its customers and especially government employees extremely suffer due to rude behavior of the bank officials with customers. The best way to get rid of these issues is privatizing NBP which will improve service delivery to the customer as other private banks doing in chitral. Privatizing NBP is the only option which will improve service delivery and other matters.

  2. Muhammad Abid says

    @Noshad: Brother, its “The Langlands School and College” & not “the Sayurj Public School & College” anymore. Its just like calling “KPK” as “NWFP” now. Hope you won’t be annoyed at me for the attempted correction. 🙂
    Stay blessed.

  3. Faizi awa ta ruh says

    فیضی تو مہ ۱ندیش زغوغاےرقیبان ۔آوازسگان کم نہ کنند رزق گدارا

  4. Adil says

    Intellectuals can write about any issue. He has been writing for the last many years. You should not be jealous because he is one of the great and brilliant intellectuals among us, the 5 lac population of district Chitral. Please we are proud of you, our lovely scholar Dr. Faizi.
    ہزاروں سال نرگس اپنی بینوری پہ روتی ہے۔ پژی مشکل سے ہوتا ہےچمن میں دید۱وارپیدا

  5. Noshad says

    The letter by Dr. Faizi is nothing but to divert the attention of people from the real issue which has really upset the people including small children. Dr. Faizi must tender an unconditional apology or else there is no difference between him and those bent upon destroying the Sayurj Public School.

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