Poor but shining

student After looking his performance, Principal Broze Public School Broze offered him scholarship in his school and he went there. He secured 502 marks out of 550 in the recent SSC Part-1 exam. Students like Naseer should be encouraged and helped based on their performance so that they cannot remained deprived of education just only because of poverty. If you publish his news, it will be a great contribution from your side for his encouragement. Rehmat Wali Shah, Youth Volunteer, Orghoch Chitral]]>

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  1. @Shamsu Haq AKHSS Gilgit
    Sir, is it possible that student like this one and other from Lower Chitral are able to study at your school in Gilgit? Don’t you think that by putting restriction on student intake based on certain factors, you guys are actually denying right to quality education and thus pursuing a policy of apartheid in 21st century? Is this justified or fair? It would be commendable if you could offer admission to this youth in your school.

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