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In a section of press there is debate on the Langlands school and college established and working in Chitral since 1986. The controversy started when security agencies cancelled the visa issued to the former principal Miss. Carrey Schofield, a journalist and writer on military subjects. She is also author of a book on Pak Army. Some people are of the view that the school will collapse in case Miss. Carey does not return to Pakistan on fresh visa. Some people are indulged in leg pulling and mudslinging. Plain fact is that Major GD Langland, the owner and founder of GD Langland School Trust is alive to guide the trustees. Miss Carey Schofield stayed in the school for one and half years. The school will survive without her services as it flourished without her since 1986. Personalities are never indispensable.
Another fact about the Langland school is that it has millions of Rupees as endowment fund raised by Maj. GD Langlands and the fund is under the supervision of the Langland Trust registered in Joint Stock Company of Pakistan. Moreover the federal and provincial government have spent more than 600 million rupees in the school infrastructure over the past 27 year. The school has a spacious property spread over 70 kanals of land and its junior section is housed in government guest house next door to DC house in Chitral.
Practical options to end the controversy on the school are two. Option one is to hand over the school along with the endowment fund to the Chief Minister KP, who is a humble student of Maj. Langlands at the prestigious Aitcheson College Lahore. The provincial govt. will run the school on the pattern of Peshawar Public School and College Warsak road, to secure its future. Second option is to hand over the school and its endowment fund to Corps Commander II corps for running it as a Cadet College for Chitral. In any case Maj. GD Langland should be honored as the founder principal and his role should be held in high esteem.

Dr. Inayatullah Faizi
Balim, Chitral


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  1. The founder Javed Majeed of The Langlands School & College met the former principal G.D Langlands at his residence at Lahore and asked about the termination of Miss Carey as a principal, but to his surprise he never attempted to do such an illegal activity and he was forced to sign six paper and he does not know about those papers. This act clearly shows his physical and mental incapacity to make any decision regarding the future of the institution. It was unfair to bring G.D Langlands from Lahore to Chitral through the uncomfortable road and which is annoying. The caretaker of G.D Langlands at Aitchison College should not led him to become toy in the hands of cunning people. He has served the nation for whole of his life and now it is the time to give him complete rest. As regard to the suggestion given by Dr. Faizi I don’t agree in the sense that the CM has a lot of pending issues yet to be addressed i.e electricity, poverty, unemployment law and corruption and many more. Lets give suggestion to solve those issues and not to lent hand in creating issues. Dr sahib we were not expecting such measure from you. You are a good writer but please sometime do understand the nature of things and the complexity behind it. Hope you will be part to addressing issue not creating issues.
    Wahid Ullah
    Lecturer Chemistry
    TLSC Chitral

    1. INSTITUTIONAL BEHAVIOR and VISION “Langland School and College Chitral”
      I would like to add my comment on “Langland School and College” with objectivity and keeping “Institutional Interest” in view.,
      We people are proved Un institutional and un academic, so always need Foreigners to solve our problems and set our institutions. Mission and Vision is very rare in our life and community, so forget it that anybody in Chitral or KPK can run the institution with visual acuity and sharpness of mind.
      I read some responses, a few of them negative and biased lacking Academic approach.
      Mr. Langland was a saint, Philanthropist and a missionary who gave impetus to its sustainability and recognition as a vibrant institution in Chitral. He was an old young man in education field and smart resource mobilizer.
      He was generous and could not even compel any staff member to work on Institutional line. Adm, accountability, Mission statement, SOP and Training System was lacking, and no future plan was formulated to run the institution in the future. It run it monolithically way rather than democratically, and employability interest was given priority rather their training.
      Due to lack of SOP and necessary Training programmes and orientations the school in the ending days graded no 8th in the area while no. 6 FCPS graded no 2 from number 6. AKHSS graded no. 1.
      Mr. Langland as I used to name him “Old young man” did not claim to be owner of the school, nor was he the founder of the school. He was less than Sardar Abdul Qayyum Khan Founder of Islamia College Peshawar.
      We shared many education activities and creativities while he was physically fit and active. He was nice and sincere.
      He had promised me and perhaps others too, to bring the scattered portions under a single roof to enable to monitor it properly and control it.
      He once said “I have identified a lady who will prove better than me and, all education lovers should coordinate with her, She is also a Britisher ” As a result Langland was retired and Ms Carey Schofield took over charge of the school.
      During her command, control, monitoring and leadership the school again improved/achieved its position and the result was satisfactory.
      A couple of step, I could not agree with her, was relinquishing some senior staff members without any benefit and security. Selecting staff without keeping in view selection criteria and determining service structure!!
      To this it was said that, from the very induction of the school, SOP, Procedure, Criteria, service structure and training schedules was not adopted. The staff did not under go any regular training and orientation nor was any procedure taken into practice. Culturally the school could not brought any impact on the society because of its ultra-liberal policy.
      Now Mr. Langland’s missionary, leadership. Legal and moral role is ended, and all malign and vicious eyes are looking at the enormous Fund to fall in their hands. CM KPK, DCO Chitral or others should do their own job properly rather to embrace this orphan institution. . Its Mother is on the way. . Not disappeared. . It is a BiG challenge for her to run the institution in the uncomfortable and disaster affected area in the under developed country. Interior ministry is committing a major fault meddling in the Visa process without any genuine reason.
      Education matters cannot be handed over to the politicians and businessmen, other than the educationists nor it taken over.
      Every institution small or big in Pakistan run on the basis of “monolithic personality Basis” rather than any SOP or principle. Hope the session deprived its leadership will be patched up soon after reopening of the school. It is not sonly the matter of running an institution, But it is to Make linkages and generating funds and influencing the supporters within Pakistan and abroad. Quality and standard is the objective to be achieved, and it cannot be possible without institutional and academic leadership.
      The Government should not malign Carey “who dared to work on education in this unfriendly and challenging area” and issue her Visa at the earliest. . Or the Visas are meant only for Rymond Devices ?? And Black water? Please take it positively.
      Prof Fatimi Chitral

  2. My dear fellows brothers of Chitral, the debate on The Langlands School and College is getting serious and interesting. And I have myself personally witness that two year performance of Carey Schofield is tremendous of development in every aspect of institutional live, the student performance enhanced to a maximum level. The recent result of student in SSC exam is indicator. May I also say that in matter of confidence and moral development the school has the much focus. Now the school look like a proper school in a sense that students are much co-operative in their studies and take interest in academic life. All the issues concerning the school were addressed whether it be the issue of fee collection, transport management related issues, staff financial issues, many other issues were resolved in short span of time. I would say that only Carey has the potential to take the school to sky limits which I believes always her motto.

  3. Chitral ka purana aur maroof talima idara Langland school and college mukhtalif shar pasand aur mafad parast anasir ki gandi siyasat ki wajah sy tabahi k dihany py kharra hae..Mustaqbil k maamaroon ka mustaqbil khatry mae nazar aaraha hae…Cary schofield ki sakht aur tassub sy bharpoor rawayye ny is bawaqar idary ko barbadi ki raah tk lany k liay koi kasar nae chorri…Aik sochy samjy mansoby k teht Muhsin e Chitral aur azeem educationists GD langland ki shakhsiat ko mutanaziia banaia gaia hae….mukhtalif anasir aur ashrafia is madar e ilmi py qabiz hony k liye pr torr rehy haen….bt hakomat waqt khamosh tamashayi ka kirdar ada kr rehi hae…is sazish mae woh loog sab sy agy haen,,jin k apny bachy aur nawasy nawasian Bechon House aur Roots Schooloon waghaira mae parrty haen…lkn woh hazarat yahan dosry logoon k bachoon ki mustaqbil ki fikr mae magan apny makrooh chal chala rehy haen…Waqat ka Taqaza yehi hae k Dr.Inayat ullah Faizi sab k mashwary per amal kr k School ko Army k hawaly kr k Cadit college ki taraz per chalaya jaye….isi mae Qaoum k bachoon ki mafad hae…..

  4. The way Faizi sahib has tried to twist things shows he himself is looking for a job. I never thought a top educationist like him could jump into the controversy. The people of Chitral respect him. They adore him and I must sure he not try to become party in this case. Even then if he wants to play a role here he must join us in extending support to Miss Carey as we do not want anybody else except a British educationist. No cleric, no sufi, no tableghi, no prince, no German, no Greek, no French but Ms Carey. By the way, for you kind information Miss Carey will be back in town soon. So, let us start prep to give her a warm welcome.

  5. @Almas
    Definitely we are not the founder of the Langlands School. But as a guardian of the students it is our right to raise voice on the current issue of the Langlands School. Carey Schofield left it in chaos. Now the precious academic year of students is in danger. Kindly tell me who will be responsible of this state.

  6. @ Inayatullah Faizi, Fida ur Rehman and Assad:
    By the way can any one ask you that who are you people coming up with such suggestions of handing over to Mr. Khattak or Army man? Who actually you are? Are you one of the founders of school like the very respectable Mr Javed Majeed? Are you people one of the board of directors? Are you a part of the management of the school? Have you ever donated even a penny to the school? NO. Am I right?? So, why don’t you just leave this issue. We don’t need your suggestions at least not the suggestion of Mr. Inayatullah Faizi at any cost because we don’t want to end up like the way you ended up in the Abdul Wali Khan Campus Chitral. We seriously don’t need any head like you. For God sake leave us and try to write about some social issues of Chitral like “the electricity issue” etc.

  7. Respected writer,
    We have been the students of the institution and we can comment in a better way rather than you. Its easy to come write down an article based on the rumours spread by the mafia. Secondly, sir rest of Chitral might not know the aim behind this article but we know. You are yourself interested in taking advantage of the situation and wishing to become the principal. In short, you might not know but there is a great man called Mr. Javed Majeed, who is the real founder of the institution, and he is the one who introduced Sir Langlands. Until & unless he is there along with the other board of directors, we don’t need your kind suggestion because it doesn’t have any legal value. Secondly, your so-called Chief Minister was not the one who established this organization. We are the x-students of the organization. The moment we will find any army or govt intervention, the whole Chitral will find us on the road. Until now we are quiet for the respect of Madame Carey.

    It is for the consideration of all the Chitralis that let go back a decade ago in the life of the Langlands School and College Chitral. This School was founded in the year 1989 with the sole aim of providing English based education to the children of Chitral and the name of this School was kept as Sayurj Public School and College which was the symbol of bravery and courage. Foreign teachers were invited to teach the Children.
    The first principal of this School was a lady and was a strict disciplinarian and thus quality education was provided to the students who took admission in the School and those students who took their basic primary and elementary education in this school and now serving the country, more than 50 doctors,30-35 army officers, and many are working in other reputable fields.
    As far as the Britishers were serving the School the outlook of the students was different but when due to the extremist mentality of the specific Community of Chitralis the Britishers arrival to Chitral stopped than the quality of education went a down trend and the School became a hub of extremism, criticism and religious fanaticism and thus the morale of the Students went low and cheap.
    At the time of Geoffrey Douglas Langland, the School had no any ground rules. The School went from bad to worse. The Principal brought money but that money was looted ruthlessly and the concept of transparency was ignored .Few people gained enormous benefits and the other staffs with low salaries were totally kept in dark and their financial problems mounted day by day. The fees structure was non-efficient and the parent were not willing to pay their child fees in times and sometime the parents had to pay one month fee couple of time and majority of the parent were hesitant to pay the fees and thus the School faced financial problems.
    The former Principal GD Langland had no regards for the notable and their suggestions were discarded with the word Noooooooooooo, and thus the people became fed up of him.
    The students performance was poor, the academics records were not managed, disciplined was shocking and the School became a hub of horror and fear everyday students fight with one another and people of the surrounding villages had complain against the behavior of the students. Classroom management was not the concern of the staff as they used the School as the stage of politics.
    In this stage of affairs the Board of Governor decide to have a concern that the Mr. GD Langland has grown too much aged that he should be given completed rest and in his place Miss Carey Schofield a foreign author be given the responsibility of Principal-ship with a legal contract to use the authority. Carey Schofield took over the charge and within two year all the issues were resolved and the School runs on plane track all the outstanding dues were recovered. Here is a general description of the few of the achievement of Carey Schofield for the personal judgment.
    The very first achievement of Carey is that she brought the School in usual track. Classroom discipline was revived. Class tutors were nominated to look after the discipline of the students and are responsible to keep the academics records of each and every student and to make contact with parents regarding the academics performance of their child and in times provide necessary guidance and counseling to the student for the futuristic development while in the earlier times all these necessary items were missing and thus the worst sufferers were the students and their parents.
    Secondly as regards to the academics monthly test were introduced with proper report writing by the teacher and also involving the parents. Due to these monthly test teachers and students are more focused on learning and with all these development Carey hold the satisfaction of most of the parents.
    The third achievement of Carey is the introduction of School uniform. Students keep their tidiness and the violators are dealt with after School detention in which the pupil perform task relating to provide benefit to the School under the guidance of the teacher and the report is made to the father and thus due to strict rules and regulation the student of the Langlands School and College avoid violation and goes to the school in a neat and Clean dress, with polish able shoes and the white Chitrali caps.
    As regards to the curriculum every subject has its own departmental head who is responsible for the betterment of the specific department .He is responsible to purchase all the necessary equipment needed to the teach the subject and to fulfill all the requirement of the course and thus due to the earnest efforts of the departmental heads the School Laboratory and the library is full of resources and the institution is famous for its rich facilities and thus within two year all the flaws were removed and learning came to its original track and the credit goes to Carey.
    Multimedia classes are a new innovation in the School and these classes have improved the performance of the student a great deal. Subject like Mathematics and English are taught through multimedia and now the culture of the Langland School and College is totally changed.
    In the sector of co-curricular activities game likes football and Cricket is arranged for the School so as to inculcate a sense of leadership in them. These games are arranged after the School and are optional for the student and they are not forced to stay. The institution also takes part in the district Inter School tournament and has won the events many a time and the last year also won an event and thus due to these healthier activities our youth become able to take position in Pakistan Army and in many other reputable organization of the country .Music is the part of Cultural Sport and celebration is the right of the teams but this is not right to say that Carey is ignoring learning and focusing music and for that purpose she has kept musical instrument in the School this is absolutely unfair. Our children goes to the School and we can provide dozen of witnesses who will prove that nothing of such thing are available in the school. Sport events has specific days in a week. for a single class the turn comes once in a three week period and which is quite manageable and due to these development the student morale has boosted up and now the looks like a real student .The School also organizes debate Competition .Declamation contest. quiz competition and drama event are the part of the Co-Curricular activities in which the student take much interest.
    Another major Achievement of Carey Schofield is the structuring of fees. Before Carey there was no system to collect fees from the parents. The parent didn’t knew what to pay and when to pay and majority had pending for the last ten years .The School management failed to recover all the pending amount and often it happens that the parent paid a single month fee couple a time. When Carey took the charge the situation was complete reverse no pending, no haste, no worry. Bills are now submitted on the bank accounts and a delay mean surcharges which is hurting most of the people who have a corrupt mentality. Thus due to the reforms the School deficits has comes to its end
    Teacher salaries have been increased. Before Carey the highly qualified teachers were receiving too less salaries. They were been pledge many a time by the former principal to increase the salaries but nothing was done in this prospect and the teacher had financial problems. Motivation was nonexistence and teacher interest on teaching was lacking .Carey important step was the increasing of the teacher salaries and thus teacher became vibrant and energetic with much enthusiasm in class and outside the class and thus the teacher financial problems comes to its ends and learning showed a great leap.
    Volunteer teacher were invited from Great Britain and within two year five teacher visited Chitral to impart English language and thus due to these measure students are the most beneficiaries and are showing progress and I would to say this with command and confidence that our Students of Class 6th and 7th can speak in English much fluently. Our student takes part in complicated debates and here I want to ask the people that are this not a great development.
    Free tuition for some of the complicated subject is arranged for the student of class 9th so that the student could come over their problem before appearing in the board papers and no School in Chitral imparts free tuition to its students.
    The Langland School and College is spread over a vast area and before Carey the School had no protective boundary wall .The boundary wall was constructed and now the School is safe place of learning with gate fixed and the security has also been arranged to check any skirmishes activities.
    The decision taken by Mr, GD Langland to terminate Carey is illegal. He is not the founder, nor the owner of the school. According to the by-laws of the Langlands endowment trust he has ceased to be the Chairman due to his physical and mental in capacity to do anything. He even does not know that Miss. Carey was appointed by Board of Governors, not by the Board of Trustees. He had not appointed her, so he has no legal authority to take any decision after his own retirement. We would say that he should work to bring her back in the best interest of the valley. The Chief minister Should stress upon the federal Government to grant her the working visa so that she could continue her mission and if attempt made to cancel her visa than we the people of Chitral would consider that the present government is not in favor of this remote valley and I thus request Mr,Muhammad Nawaz Sharif the Prime minister of Islamic Democratic republic of Pakistan to listen to our demand and make the return of Carey Schofield back otherwise the government will be responsible for the consequences and also make it clear that Carey is respectable women ,has a great regard for the Islamic culture ,she is dignified lady ,has a professional approach towards managerial issues .All the gossip about her is totally wrong ,her opponent should not target her like this because she is a women and our religion Islam also forbade us to harm the women folk. I want to bring it to the notice of all the authorities to check those people who are trying to harm the reputation of Carey and please do avoid harsh word against a women who is much sincere toward the progress of your children.
    Assadullah Jan
    Lecturer, Pakistan Studies

  9. I totally agree with Dr. Faizi that Langland’s school should be handed over to army as we do not have cadet college in the district and discipline is what is required to take forward the institute to a new heights. People are trying to make negative comments regarding Mr. Langland but he should be the one making decisions. Whatever he has done for Chitralis is recognized through out the country. Its time for army to clean up.

  10. To make one more fact straight:
    Sir Langlands never wanted to leave TLSC & Chitral but he was so deeply pushed against the wall by the very same people advocating for Carey today, that he finally decided to call it a day & “unwillingly” handed over the administration to CS, who unfortunately became a tool in their hands, which they used in their desired manner to get vested interests satisfied. If anyone has any doubts regarding this statement, go ask sir Langlands yourself.

  11. No core-commander and no KP Chief Minister. Ms Carey came when no one else came forward to oversee what Mr. Langlands had started. If core-commanders and Chief Ministers were capable of running educational institutions, would our country be in the mess it is in today?

  12. I don’t agree with any of your option we want Ms. Carey back. Only she can run the affairs of the school smoothly we all know very well that Mr. Inayatullah Faizi saab you are and you were against Ms. Carey ever since she arrived here.
    We don’t want any army personnel or CM to run the school. Some of the teachers who were fired by Ms. Carey they made it a personal war which only lead to their own interest. For God sake our children also deserve better education. Yes, the school will definitely collapse if she doesn’t return. Once again we want Ms. Carey.

  13. Stakeholders of the Institute should come forward and contribute towards its betterment. Decisions made by new administration may be positive her intentions can not be doubted. As a common Chitrali it is imperative that the school should not loose its honor and dignity. Government intervention is not required.

  14. Great write up sir. This is the only solution to this issue. Let the school not be hijacked by Land mafia and particular family. By the way the old lady has become too disputed. Let her spend rest of her life in any old house in England where she would be taken care of properly.

  15. @ Anika sister, if I speak the truth, it may offend many people. I think you haven’t spent that much time in sir Langlands company during the course of your four years at FC college, that I spent with him in four days. But whenever I meet him, sometimes I have to introduce myself. This is partly because of age & partly because of sir Langlands day to day commitments. You have to do something extraordinary in order to be in Sir Langlands good books, that no one of us in Chitral have accomplished yet. This article is the most balanced of all on this topic & yet I fail to understand what is the problem in admitting the fact. Anika, even if it was my father or close relatives status in question/ on the line, I wouldn’t hesitate an iota going against them to support sir Langlands current step, he has taken, for I owe sir Langlands more than that, so do you little sister, & all those sane individuals who have benefited from sir GDLS company. Ms. Carey might have benefited a few, but she has poisoned or tried to poison many including our very own Sir Langlands, with her ill-intention acts, but Allah is the best planner, so she couldn’t succeed.
    Stay blessed.

  16. Faizi sahib, our much respected scholar, what are you talking about? The trustees whom you are talking about are not responsible for management of School , they used to assist Major Langlands in traveling and bringing in Funds to the School. Major Langlands when he was about to retire in 2013 introduced the School board where majority of the trustees are also members, the School Board was empowered with decision making powers. He also resigned from his post and Ms. Carey assumed charge of the School. Major Langlands was just the principal of the school for 25 years. He is not founder or owner of the School. It was Ms. Sophie and her colleagues who established the School under Javed Majid’s patronage. At last it would be the tragedy of century to handover the school to Pervez Khattak, they cant take care of thousands of government schools how can they take care of the Langlands School. Demands for government involvement from writers like you gives legitimacy to the DCO’s demands of more powers in Schools affairs. It is said that the bureaucracy is taking keen interest after they learnt about School accounts. Please keep the corrupt system away from School. It is nothing but just a conspiracy against Ms. Carey who hopefully will return soon to end this drama.

  17. Respected Sir,
    I do not agree with what ever you are saying here as I have spent 14 years of my life in Langlands and where ever I am today is due to Mr Langlands and my respected Teachers over there. But to be very honest all of us know how was the infrastructure curriculum and pedagogical skills of Langlands before and now in the tenure of Miss Carey. We would never accept any CM or any army personnel involvement in our school. And we don’t accept the dirty politics. No one knows better than “the students” of Langlands that what we were and what we are. and right now I have met Mr Langlands he can not even recognize who I am. We know very well who have miss guided him and why. Let the trustees and Ms Carey her self decide what to do and what not to.
    No offence. Thank you very much.

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