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Chitrali man goes missing from Peshawar

CHITRAL, June 2: Mr. Maqsad Khan s/o Purdum Khan, resident of Parabeg Garam Chashma, is missing for six days while returning home from Quetta.
missingAccording to his home sources, Khan called last time to his home on June 17 saying that he was in Peshawar and soon will set off for Chitral. Since then, his mobile phone is not responding.
According to Mr.Rahmatullah from Beshqer Garam Chashma, who was also coming home from Peshawar, he meet Khan in Peshawer where he showed him his ticket he bought from the Mayon Ada at Qisa Khawani Bazar. After meeting him, Mr. Rahmatullah left for Chitral in another vehicle and Mr.Maqsad was waiting to leave for Chitral by another vehicle. But this is quite surprising that despite getting ticket there is no entry of his name in the register of Mayon Ada. This is also questionable that despite getting ticket why his name and other information are missing in the register at Mayon Ada and where the person gone after getting ticket.
As report of his disappearance has been conveyed to Peshawar police where they are investigating the matter but no progress has been made so far. Anyone having knowledge about the whereabouts of Mr Maqsad Khan should contact Farhad Khan at this number:0336-9492290.

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