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Alliance in danger? Maghfirat Shah may lose race

CHITRAL, June 21: Jamaat-e-Islami Chitral chief and former district nazim Haji Maghfirat Shah’s dream to sit on the coveted seat once again seems dashing to the ground before being materialized.
After becoming the largest seat winners in the recent local government elections in Chitral, the alliance of religious political parties – Jamaat-e-Islami (JI) and Jamiat Ulema-e-Islam (JUI) – had announced that Haji Maghfirat Shah would be their candidate for the portfolio of district nazim. However, highly reliable sources in the alliance told ChitralToday that after the announcement the provincial leadership of the JUI expressed its annoyance with its Chitral chapter. The JUI leadership was of the view that its ally, the JI, should comply with the agreement signed between both the religious parties before the LG elections. The agreement explicitly stated that any party securing a maximum number of seats in the direct elections, particularly in the district council, would head the respective set-up whereas the party with a less number of seats would support it.
When the results of the elections were announced, the JUI secured seven seats whereas the JI won only six seats. However, after mutual negotiations, the JI succeeded to convince the JUI district leadership about its strength in the district council after calculating the reserved seats. After the inclusion of reserve seats, the number of JI members in the district council reached 11 whereas the JUI got a total of 10 seats because it (JUI) could not submit nomination papers for the seat reserved for minorities.
But the JUI provincial leadership saw it as a betrayal by the JI because under the agreement between both the parties it was the majority of seats in the first phase of elections ie before calculating the reserves seats.
The sources also told ChitralToday that some strong circles in the JUI Chitral were also opposed to the decision of giving the district mayorship to the JI and had approached the JUI provincial and national leadership complaining that though the JI had failed to fulfill its promises and abide by the agreement in letter and spirit, giving the post of the district nazim to Maghfirat Shah would be a surrender to the JI.
To get an insight of the political situation, the JUI provincial general secretary, Maulana Shujaul Mulk, paid a visit to Chitral a few days ago and met different individuals.
The sources confirmed that almost all major political parties, including PTI, APML and PPP, were on the same page and had assured the JUI of their support in getting the slot.
The sources claimed that now the JUI would ask the JI to comply with the initial agreement and give the seat of the district nazim to JUI otherwise the party would go for another option.
They also revealed that in the new set-up the JUI would gain the post of district nazim and tehsil nazim Chitral while PTI convener district council and nazim tehsil council Mastuj and naib nazim tehsil council Chitral whereas tehsil naib nazim Mastuj will go for APML.

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