Lobby active against British principal


By Zulfiqar Ahmad
ISLAMABAD, June 20: Efforts are being made to blackmail Carey Schofield, the principal of Langlands Public School and College Chitral by some people to negate her services after she put the school back on track through drastic changes both at the administrative and academic levels.
A senior member of the school’s board of governors told this correspondent that a lobby within the school is aware of the fact that they had no future as the decisions taken by GD Langlands carried no weight.
He said that the sacked teachers who talk tall of refusing to work under a highly qualified British lady, must not forget that they were kicked out on the complaints of the teachers and students given their poor performance and their indulgence into internal politics.  
He said that when they were fired by Ms Carey they left without saying a single word after receiving all their arrears, adding a person who is sent packing home without any reason by any institution will not walkout out quietly.
“Their institution holds no outstanding payment to these people as all their dues were cleared by the school administration…now once the issue is solved the management will also seek some explanation from them about their alleged corruption which were earlier not taken up for some reasons,” he added.
The battle has just begun, and now there are two options – either the group opposing Ms Carey will win the battle (which is next to impossible) or the people of Chitral will defeat their nefarious motives by bringing Ms Carey back.
About the allegations leveled against Carey, he said the school fees were raised by 40 percent and not 200 percent last year, adding this year (2015) they were raised by 10 percent only.
He said that Langlands had left the fees at an unsustainably low level for a long time, and had not bothered to collect the fees, which Carey streamlined by auditing all the accounts of the school through an internationally accredited chartered accountancy firm.
He also said that the rent of Carey Schofield’s house in Chitral is also a white lie as there is not a single residential house for which any outsider is paying such an exorbitant rent. “This is absolutely rubbish and it shows how active the mafia is in misleading the people,” he lamented.
To a question about the bills at Hindu Kush Heights where Carey had been staying for some time, he said it is on record that the school had not paid even a single penny for her hotel stay as she had made all payments from her own pocket. 


  1. Muhammad Abid says

    Mr Zulfiqar you said she paid all from her pocket, would you please elaborate on it. As per my sources, it was a British well off citizen, who looked after her expenses, but due to some reasons which I don’t think should be made public, refused to support her further…to be continued

  2. P.Nasir says

    Ma khyal lobiya niweshisher re awelo reka, achi hush Aryan lobby brai. a my Bhai I don’t knew lobby wobby but Haya lu maten wa safoten jam pata ki sir Langlndo bahki kos did Pakistanoten khidmt nki. He was kind. People eat his money, he say nothing. Carey not give cup of tea to guests when they visit to school. Endowment funds hear month 15 lakh rupaya mufta schulote goyan Langlands siro badolat. Carey 6 security guard lakhoyan hate tan paisa was togho hotel shazdo dura xibiko nasi kmazkm 2 lakhar xyd rupaya sauz boyan. Langlands sir massi 5 hazar di kharch no korraoshtai. the sharer resur ki
    No chichiru reni xurdu xagha palidi koi re… He tamam paisa Langland siro, he Dolomucha zamino 55 lakh a 1990 ganistai sir, horo hatey tima ka 5 hazara no ganesir. Geo Langlands sir ma xhan.

  3. Assad says

    Haha. What a foolish piece of writing completely devoid of any logic. Do you have any idea of the TLSC. Do you know why one of the terminated teacher was sent to jail? Its just because he walked out quietly after receiving his termination letter. He na…stupid! By the way Chitral is a very small area, here everybody knows everyone. The people inducted by Ms. Carey as teachers in place of the sacked ones are also known to us, they are by no means in comparison with the older one. I have my self studied at TLSC under their tutelage. Stop this character assassinations of the poor teachers. Os qaum ka Khuda hafiz jis qaum ka saviour 60 sala budhi khatoon ho.

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