5 Replies to “Ayun resident wants his mentally-disturbed son in jail”

  1. Excessive use of drugs has turned every other son in Ayun a threat to his family. The drug peddlers should be treated iron handedly, otherwise the consequences are going to be worse.

  2. A similar case in which a mentally disturbed man killed a lady psychiatrist working with Aga Khan Health Service. The incident took place due to negligence of the AKHSP Chitral staff as well the local administration.
    The local magistracy is repeating the same mistake. The father of the man is 200 percent right that it is the job of the local administration.

  3. This man is angry on SHO, AC and judge for not putting his ailing son in jail. what a pity. in my opinion if the law allows this man should first be put in jail, yes.

  4. Law does not permit that. His father shud admit him either in mental hospital or Darul Aman.

  5. He should be treated under care of a psychiatrist rather than putting him in prison… It’s illness not a stigma. His father also needs counseling.

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