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In the line of fire – Langlands School & College

Private school teacher are destined to be used as tissue papers and working teachers of the school, may be traumatized as they are the least paid intellectual laborers ‘of the modern industrialized society in spite of their invaluable contributions to the society.

The recent increase in the wages of teachers was a happy move, though intrinsically, it was aimed to calm down the adverse effects of the principal’s irrational decisions. In fact, it was an implicit palm greasing and financial bribery via dirty trick to detract the teachers’ rational as well as objective approach. This contrivance and palatial machination turned the teachers more loyal to the Queen than the queen herself. In their loyalty to the magnanimous journalist cum principal, they cold-bloodidly stood against their colleagues and even against their benefactor; Major Langlands’ whose personality has proved a boon for their children in particular and for the ordinary chitralies in general.

To them Major Langland is now like a fruitless tree as they are apparently bewitched by the seemingly green pastures. Now the great philanthropist has grown senile according to their understanding but the reality is that after showing constant patience in the face of exterminating the least emblem of Major Langland’s, burning his library books, throwing his goods and house hold commodities at his back ,firing the very experienced teachers appointed by him, calling his tenure to be a stupid era and even trying to change the name of G.D Langland school & college back into Sayurj public school & college ,all this was borne with heroic fortitude by the old gentleman but it was the member of the trustees who took notice of all this mess engineered by the elitist and Co, and shouldered the old man in walking to the school to set right the disjointed state of Denmark sacked by Claudius and his courtiers.

Now the ball is at the court of people at the helms whether they stand by the Hamlet (Mr. Abdullah) or the antagonists (Elitist & Co). They even forget that after giving their life blood to the institution for more than 20 years how would these over aged builders of the nation put their body and soul together. Was it not drying up the milk of human kindness? Was it not the absence of human empathy? Nay! It was the dissolution of human sympathy for one’s own kind. Hobbes saying about man to be “selfish by nature’ turned true on these teachers. In contrast, the principle-centred stand of the teachers proved the opposite of this dictum as they resigned from their jobs being conscientious enough to sacrifices their self-esteem and values and declined the lucrative offer of rejoininng the institution, under the ex-lady principal.

The egotist lady removed the experienced teachers at whim and the remaining few were to come under the stroke of her pen as her shifting mood was unpredictable like the autumnal Wild West wind . It is an historical fact that the elitist make hay while the sun shines. They conspired to build the Langlands school and college in the unapproachable heights of Dolumuch which Major- Langlands wanted to build in the accessible village of Singhoor. They sold away their property at an exorbitant price, took the contract of the building the school at high price, harassed the administration of the Langlands from time to time to get their vested interests satisfied.

The Langlands school and college gave myriads of professional leaders to the community and these students hailed from ordinary poor families as the fee of the school could be afforded even by a class IV govt employees. The elitist along with their nouveau riche cronies could not digest the educational development of the community so they welcomed the journalist cum principal, whose anti-Pakistan views can be studied in her book” Inside Pakistan Army”. Thus, her first move was to raise the school fees 200 pc making the Langlands school and college virtually unaffordable to the middle class of the society.

The elitist made her a major marketing tool for her hotel, charged annually more than 47 Lac rupees from her which was paid from school’s exchequer. They took the contract of building the protection wall of the school amounting to 1 crore which was granted to them without any tender or govt procedure. They had given her their house for a monthly rent of more than one lac rupees. As they have been deceiving the people of Chitral through their wiles and it take times for the masses to understand their machination. So at present they are befooling the peoples by saying again that the termination of Miss Carey is the murder of the educational institute. But now people are awake, they are aware of this collusion, so instead of transporting a foreigner, let us look for a competent Pakistani educationist, who may belong to the out district, if the people of chitral are incompetent, to come, and turn the events for the betterment of our Chitrali community.

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