In the line of fire – Langlands School & College

Private school teacher are destined to be used as tissue papers and working teachers of the school, may be traumatized as they are the least paid intellectual laborers ‘of the modern industrialized society in spite of their invaluable contributions to the society.

The recent increase in the wages of teachers was a happy move, though intrinsically, it was aimed to calm down the adverse effects of the principal’s irrational decisions. In fact, it was an implicit palm greasing and financial bribery via dirty trick to detract the teachers’ rational as well as objective approach. This contrivance and palatial machination turned the teachers more loyal to the Queen than the queen herself. In their loyalty to the magnanimous journalist cum principal, they cold-bloodidly stood against their colleagues and even against their benefactor; Major Langlands’ whose personality has proved a boon for their children in particular and for the ordinary chitralies in general.

To them Major Langland is now like a fruitless tree as they are apparently bewitched by the seemingly green pastures. Now the great philanthropist has grown senile according to their understanding but the reality is that after showing constant patience in the face of exterminating the least emblem of Major Langland’s, burning his library books, throwing his goods and house hold commodities at his back ,firing the very experienced teachers appointed by him, calling his tenure to be a stupid era and even trying to change the name of G.D Langland school & college back into Sayurj public school & college ,all this was borne with heroic fortitude by the old gentleman but it was the member of the trustees who took notice of all this mess engineered by the elitist and Co, and shouldered the old man in walking to the school to set right the disjointed state of Denmark sacked by Claudius and his courtiers.

Now the ball is at the court of people at the helms whether they stand by the Hamlet (Mr. Abdullah) or the antagonists (Elitist & Co). They even forget that after giving their life blood to the institution for more than 20 years how would these over aged builders of the nation put their body and soul together. Was it not drying up the milk of human kindness? Was it not the absence of human empathy? Nay! It was the dissolution of human sympathy for one’s own kind. Hobbes saying about man to be “selfish by nature’ turned true on these teachers. In contrast, the principle-centred stand of the teachers proved the opposite of this dictum as they resigned from their jobs being conscientious enough to sacrifices their self-esteem and values and declined the lucrative offer of rejoininng the institution, under the ex-lady principal.

The egotist lady removed the experienced teachers at whim and the remaining few were to come under the stroke of her pen as her shifting mood was unpredictable like the autumnal Wild West wind . It is an historical fact that the elitist make hay while the sun shines. They conspired to build the Langlands school and college in the unapproachable heights of Dolumuch which Major- Langlands wanted to build in the accessible village of Singhoor. They sold away their property at an exorbitant price, took the contract of the building the school at high price, harassed the administration of the Langlands from time to time to get their vested interests satisfied.

The Langlands school and college gave myriads of professional leaders to the community and these students hailed from ordinary poor families as the fee of the school could be afforded even by a class IV govt employees. The elitist along with their nouveau riche cronies could not digest the educational development of the community so they welcomed the journalist cum principal, whose anti-Pakistan views can be studied in her book” Inside Pakistan Army”. Thus, her first move was to raise the school fees 200 pc making the Langlands school and college virtually unaffordable to the middle class of the society.

The elitist made her a major marketing tool for her hotel, charged annually more than 47 Lac rupees from her which was paid from school’s exchequer. They took the contract of building the protection wall of the school amounting to 1 crore which was granted to them without any tender or govt procedure. They had given her their house for a monthly rent of more than one lac rupees. As they have been deceiving the people of Chitral through their wiles and it take times for the masses to understand their machination. So at present they are befooling the peoples by saying again that the termination of Miss Carey is the murder of the educational institute. But now people are awake, they are aware of this collusion, so instead of transporting a foreigner, let us look for a competent Pakistani educationist, who may belong to the out district, if the people of chitral are incompetent, to come, and turn the events for the betterment of our Chitrali community.

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  1. INSTITUTIONAL BEHAVIOR “ Langland School and College Chitral”
    I would like to add my comment on “Langland School nand College” with cool objectivity and keeping “Institutional Interest” in view.,
    We people are proved uninstitutional and unacademic, so always need Foriegners to solve our problems and set our institutions. Mission and Vision is very rare in our life and community, so forget any body in Chitral or KPK can run an institution with visual acuity of and sharpness of mind mind.
    I read some responses, a few of them negative and biased.
    Mr. Langland was a saint, Philanthropist and a missionary who gave impetus to its sustainability and recognition as a vibrant institution in Chitral. He was an old young man in education field and smart5 resource mobilizer. He was generous and could not compel any staff member to work on Institutional line. Adm, accountability, Mission statement, SOP and Training was lacking and no future plan was formulated to run the institution in the future. It was run monolithical way and employees interest was priotized.
    Due to lack of SOP and necessary Training programmes and orientations the school in the endeing days graded no 8th in the area while no. 6 FCPS graded no 2 from number 6. AKHSS stood no. 1.
    Mr. Langland as I used to name him “Old young man” did not claim to be owner of the school, nor he was the founder of the school. He was less than Sardar bdul Qayyum Khan Founder of Islamia College Peshawar.
    He once said ” i have identified a lady who will prove better than me and, all education lovers should coordinate with her, She is also a Britisher” As a result Langland was retired and Ms Carey Schofield took over charge odf the bschool. During her command, control, monitoring and leadership the school again improved its position and the result was satisfactory.
    A couple of step, I could not agree with her, was relinquishing some senior staff members without any benefit and security. Selecting staff without keeping in view selection criteria and determining service structure!! ِ
    To this it was said that, from the very induction of the school, SOP, Procedure, Criteria and structure was not adoptefed. The staff did not under go any regular training and orientation nor was any procedure taken into practice. Culturally the school could not brought any impact on the society because of its ultra-liberal policy.
    Now Mr. Langland’s missionary, leadership. Legal and moral role is ended, and all malign and vicious eyes are looking at the enormous Fund to fall at their hands. CM KPK, DCO Chitral or others should do their own job properly rather to embrace this orphane institution. . Its Mother is on the way. . not died . . Education matters cannot be handed over or taken over by the politicians and bussinessmen, other than the educationists
    Every institution small or big in Pakistan run on tLet basis of monolithic personality rather than any SOP or principle. Hope The session deprived its leadership will be patched up soon after reopening of the school.
    The Govt should not malign Carey who dared to work on education in this unfriendly and challanging area and issue her Visa in the earliest. . or the Visas are meant only for Rymond Devices ?? and black water ?
    الاحقر شمس النظر

  2. One thing which I found in the whole commentary is that most of the pro Carey group accept some of the facts which is tried by some one as a fake news. May be another attack explore some other precious secrets. Excellent Mr. writer.

  3. @Tanzil khan: Brother your comment went over my head like BA English paper. Plz in Urdu, ta k hum jaise English not speaking teachers k students bhi kuch samajh saken. Only understood key Behn ji pe ghussa nikala hey. nothing more believe me.

  4. By Tanzil Khan
    Ms. Anika Hasanat ; What a brilliant and rousing statement you have posted, which revivify the essence of subtle topic and debate in the line of fire. The comment is nothing else but the permanent manifestation of the feelings of high and low orders, respectively. They are real and have the same cause, but they differ only in the way they become manifest. They are the result of early lack of social communion, both paradoxically and unconsciously. These feelings are not clear from the beginning, but gradually they are expressed in personality, gestures, posture and thinking. The human being so poorly endowed by nature, is dominated by powerful feelings that makes him look for security and attempt to out distance his/her own capacities.
    As mentioned in your hierarchical approach about money, position and fame, which you have, declare the measuring tools of success in life according to your frame of reference.
    Venerable! You know about money, position & fame, but where you see the madness of violent, tender and strong combination of humble in the line of fire. I will hope better allegation from you in future. The common goal in people’s life is to be peaceful and happy. Being the richest man/woman in the world does not mean we are the happiest man in the world. Although money can buy you happiness some time ,but not always . So another measurement of success is how happy your life is. It might having a warm family and children having lot of friends or may be just having someone who love us.
    Venerable! This bile has, imply greybeard. Conversing sagaciously, which are the culture of our forebear and the tradition of gorgeous doll, rather than severity which is not the royal symbol of royal people? In such circumstances the temperament spontaneously clampdown, hideout. Black spire is not the plausible trait of folk’s kinchin, rather should build a better future and need of rectification in your so called brooding. The feelings, fancy vocabulary are dying and born in novel, where it nourishes is another cup of tea.
    Open-eyed and frightening from the court sue and the allegation of section 499 PPC of Pakistan, is just merely continue for 20 years without section 500,501 and section 502 PPC of Pakistan, which also strengthen the section 499 PPC. The better lawyer will be in your circle, so also illustrate and justified section 503 PPC of Pakistan. While no comments on your vision, being an anti Pakistani.

  5. So, this is your level of understanding? Brother!! you are talking completely out of context. Kindly read my text once again. And keep your pseudo patriotism with yourself. I gave answer to the writer not you. So, mind your own business.
    No offense. Thank you very much.

  6. I am an anti of an anti Pakistan. Please sister be cool down. May be you can bear to become anti Pakistan. But there are people living in this holy land who do not like your comment. What you have spoken enthusiastically to fire two words is very easy. But when viruses will be thrown against you as antidote then you may not bear it. Pray for the great country, if there is peace then all over the world is peace. Pakistan is name of the fort of Islam, your School is in Pakistan like a little bubble in flowing water. Your school can be stopped forever due to the need of the country but Pakistan can not be destroyed due to need your school. We are living in Pakistan not near to Altaf Hussain bhaye. It is Chitral, not UK. This is advance era and this school is at Chitral; then every person has a right to comment and give suggestion about it. You want to forcefully implement your ideas in this school. It is not legal. Within the rule and law of Pakistan you can request and give suggestion but to be anti Pakistan how you are able to live in Pakistan?

  7. I really dont understand what has happen to the people of chitral, I am sure this Mr Tanzil can be a very good novelist as his imagination and fancy Vocabulary can be used only in fictional novels and drams. Now that He “the local people” of chitral has crawled out of their caves kindly please tell me where were they sleeping from last 20 to 30 years? what is their input towards education in chitral? kindly keep your pseudo emotions with your self and let those speak who are behind this dirty game. Have the guts to talk on face with names if you think you are so right. blaming others without any proof and logic is not cool ! Plus I can clearly see the grudge you have for a specific group of people and My dear that’s called jealously, don’t you bring in your personal grudges in the name of education and Kindly see what is your input and what is the the real input (He) the one you talk for has done for the development of education in chitral so far. like seriously! this was way beyond cheap. you’re blaming those who gave their lands and their money for educating others? the one who sacrificed their lives for others? yeah right! we can see how anti Pakistan is Carey Schofield, Living in chitral leaving her home behind, working for our future and betterment, if that is being Anti Pakistan than Sorry I am an Anti Pakistan too. Alas!! Indeed these sort of writers and people behind them have nothing else in their mind other than money, position and fame. OKay! I am good for nothing I don’t have anything to do so, okay lets say some bullshit on internet about others unsure emoticon well. if blaming others, and pulling personal grudges out of graves, specifying and hitting specific respectable people is freedom of speech then I am sorry Mr Editor and (Mr Writer) you are indeed very wrong here.
    P.S: “People” can officially sue you for what you have published. according to section 499 PPC its a case of defamation and it can cost you a million Bucks so think before you utter complete NONSENSE on social networking sites.

  8. Dear Ali Booni, you are right. Life is real and education is a serious matter of preparing the coming generation for a better life according to ones own culture and values but there are people who try to turn life and education into a tragic drama because they are blinded by their selfish motives and damn care about the future of the nation. They trade in the name of culture, tourism and even sacrifice the sacred job of education at the alter of petty gains. Instead of sharing the bounties of God with the less fortunate of their community, limitless greed makes them snatch the morsels from others. Mr. Abdullah and the sacked teachers were their victims not because they were incompetent but in the presence these teachers they could not feather their own nests. On the contrary these were the teachers who produced numerous professional leaders. The opinions posted in their favor are the echoes of their ex students. More over Mr. Abdullah is a talented man, matriculate of U. P. S. Peshawar, graduate of Islamia College and Peshawar University. He could have found a place in the govt jobs like others but he being contented with teaching in the Langlands school did not apply for govt jobs just for a single time so far. Ms Carey might be competent to run an institution except an educational organization and that too through her carrot and stick policies but education is ‘Greek to her’ because it is moulding and dealing with human behavior as during her brief tenure she has proved a failure through her abnormal treatment of his staff members. Moreover, education is not a commodity to be transported from abroad as education must spring from the cultural soil of a given community, so we must throw out our slavish mentality and seek true educational leaders among our own community. And if we lack such talents, we should search for a principal in the down countries of our motherland. In praise of ex white masters, we should not abhor our own blood and colour rather should learn to respect our own identity and try our level best to find our self esteem back.

  9. Dear Tanzil Khan, it is not a novel nor a movie, it is a matter of a generation further. Simply run through the comments written by pupils of Mr Abdulah, I believe it is not justified to be a teacher of private school if your pupils are not satisfied with your teaching. Many of our friends had started teaching in the said school and exit it after getting better opportunities. Mr Abdullah and others should likewise be in other places if they were capable. We do want to provide the best teachers to our children and for that we are paying. Our sympathies are there for our brothers and sisters who have lost their jobs, but the child’s future overshadows the sentiments.
    We also agree there are many prominent educationists at the national level that could be inducted as principal in the School if Ms Carey is not being able to be here.
    There is no issue of class making, people are aware in Chitral and want to invest in education, the elite class of Chitral is giving education to their Children in European Countries and big institutions in the big cities this school is for poor people of Chitral

  10. What a nice right up with an scholarly touch. This very old lady has been able to divide the society into two hostile groups. All this reminds me the British legacy of ‘divide and rule’. Moreover, I was told by some of the teaching staff that she is more a spy master than a principal without any scholarly approach. She has developed such an environment where everyone is afraid of everyone as they look at each other as the spy of Madame. Difference of opinion has no room whatsoever. Those who are subservient and bootlickers get all the perks and privileges. Even the staff members are not supposed to utter a single word regarding the school affairs: if they do so that may lead to straight away termination. She keeps on terrorizing the staff of dire consequences and sword of Damocles looms large over their heads. Under these circumstances how can they develop the creative thinking of the students as they are suffering from all time depression. She might prove to be an spartan administrator to run a factory or business entrepreneur but not an educational Institution.

  11. Carey Schofield = A lady who was so jealous of the fame sir GD Langlands gained throughout his 70 years of service that immediately after taking charge of TLSCC, she began destroying every symbol relating to sir GDL from the College.
    How come a person who can’t digest others achievements do some good service to an entire community? She, herself ignited the spark that finally led to her showdown.
    She dig a hole for sir GDL but fell in herself… Ab Matti pao 🙂

    1. Ma shireen brarginian was kaiginyan:
      shaer resur ki
      miss Carri combing not her hair well, like a number mari malinga style. how is she running our Sayurj school now The Langlands SC.
      Ispa tima Sir Fida, sir abrar, sir mehboob, wa sir Rahmatullah ghon sheeli sheeli qabil sir asitani. Hatet nisikar achi bloerdu tindo (kadduo) ghon siran gtisuni. school kam circus xyad nauran. I go there two month before and xran hotam care yo poshi tan anuso tima jinbhoot poshitam re, wa building was good made, good grounds, no tora bora but charsi ustazan. I very sorry feeling my jannat sayurj become Bannu.
      Langlands air ma paranu siran zindabad, carrri was togho sathi was kura behchitani, sir tetante karnilo chakey sand a after.
      Geo or Jeenay do

  12. Answer of question raised by the writer:
    1.Ms.Carey sacked only those teachers who were ‘dishonest’; and the rest of the teachers who are old, senior and apolitical are working there without any problem.
    2. Ms. Carey raised the salaries of the teachers as par the government pays to the teachers. She exactly followed the government salary structure and benefits it offers. Moreover, she gives extra benefits to those who do extra work besides their teaching responsibilities.
    3. Ms. Carey wanted to make this institution a best standard institution. To deliver quality education and meeting the expenses she raised fees rationally to meet the expenses in school.
    4. As another commenter mentioned , that the rent of the house Ms.Carey pays from her own purse not from school exchequer.
    5. There is no bar and restriction even she said to be thinking to arrange fee concession/remission for talented and bright students.
    Please don’t betray people and spread rumours about a dedicated principal who wants to make the school a best and standard institution. She is a sincere and committed lady wants to deliver service and nothing more than that, please.

  13. Totally fake news. The rent of the Principal house is Rs.50,000 which she always paying from her own pocket. If you stand on your above fake news story, please call me at 03335384202 and come with me we will visit along with a group of journalist and verify.

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