2 Replies to “Throwing a prestigious institution into a downward spin”

  1. I wonder if Carey Schofield is the real target of this hoopla? Lets not forget she may have frenemies here, in part for her book on the Army.

  2. No Mr. Fawad you are wrong when you say ‘Langlands at 97’ & ‘contempt for institution will haunt his legacy’.
    Reverent Sir Langlands crushed many under his feet during world war II, & although Talibanization hasn’t taken roots within Chitral, their obstinate mindset of subduing under stick/force only definitely has prevailed amongst Chitralis. So a sort of military takeover was the need of the day in order to correct many fantasied minds & its just the beginning. I hope all those people involved in desecrating sir Langlands badges/photos/cups are brought to task under the MILITARY BOOTS of atleast one among 80 Serving/retired Generals of Pak Army who were students of Sir Langlands in Aitches on/Razmak.
    Who is Carey Schofield? Nobody, she is still a stranger for most Chitralis.

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