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  1. Dear Afsar,
    This tournament was NOT organized or funded by AKRSP. AKRSP team came out to be the winner after so many tough matches. I think this tournament was organized by AWK University Chitral Campus. Definitely not by AKRSP.
    Cheers to the winners !

  2. AKRSP should make sure that the multi-million Youth development project it is undertaking truly benefits the target population of Chitral. So far its impact has been negligible and the fund are often being utilized in completely non-transparent and frivolous manner. I am not sure, but if this tournament was funded from the same project, then there seems to be a massive conflict of interest in terms of participants and venue of the event.
    Mostly the initiatives under the AKRSP project are concentrated among the kith, kin and extended families of the staff working in it. A more amazed situation is the recruitment of sons and daughters of the staff within the organization in blatant violation of ethics and norms of any professional entity. How come one is employed in the same organization where one’s father or mother is working already? Is this family business or a development organization meant to serve the poor masses?
    Surely this practice of dynastic set up is unique of its kind among the many institution which run under the AKDN umbrella. Through your esteemed paper, i urge our beloved Imam H.H Aga Khan to look into the shady state of affairs of this organization and root out corruption, nepotism and exploitation to make sure that it is contributing towards poverty reduction in Chitral. Arranging a Table Tennis Tournament in the garb of district competition is perhaps way off the mark to solve the real issues being faced by the youth of Chitral.
    Otherwise, the charity money should stop coming in the name of 7 lac population of Chitral only to be wasted by few families and their supporters.
    Afsar, SOAS London

    1. Afsar Brar!
      Its a tournament and being a member of selected family or kinship would not help to get points. There would be some shadow areas and nepotism may also exists as it exist in other development agencies. Being a land lock district with small population makes it more visible.
      This is not the proper platform to criticize AKRSP and its operations in the area. I know the players personally and they play quite good table tennis and deserve to be winners. It was surprising for me to see such comment, and I just wanted to correct you on that.
      Suhail, Peshawar

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