How to overcome poverty?


letterPrime minister, President and provincial governments are silently looking at this situation but not searching for the solution that is education. When we look at the educational systems of European countries, there is a big gap between our trend of education and that of Europe. They have a uniform educational curriculum for their citizens which has improved their entire lifestyle and developments. They improved the primary schools where the student learn the basic things and the manners to overcome of poverty trap in the other hand when we see the primary schools system of Pakistan I think it comes in the lowest category in whole world . A primary school of Pakistan for every five classes there is only one or two teachers in schools. Our government is not doing anything for the primary level. A child makes their base in primary level here, I think no child make their base in this level because there are nothing in school, and there is no facilities for the students of primary level. It is an example of constructing a building when we put the first brick wrong then ultimately the whole building suffers, so when the base of student is not so strong at that time than it suffers their whole life. It is the point of ponder for the government to control this serious issue then I think Pakistan can get rid of this because there is a lot of talent in little child of Pakistan but unfortunately there is no one in front for bringing the talent in front of the world. By improving our educational system and providing job opportunity for the youth we can overcome on poverty trap, it is the only and one solution for overcome this burning issue. If our government starts working in this serious issue the day is not far in few years. We can find a top educational system in Pakistan. After that the students of Pakistan are brightening like the shining star in the high sky. Ruedad Haider Class 10th student of Aga Khan Higher Secondary School, Chitral. ]]>

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