Three innocent Chitrali students jailed in Pindi

jailThe police snatched their CNICs, college ID cards, mobile phones and took them to the Waris Khan police station. Later, an FIR was registered only against the Chitrali students while the others who belonged to Punjab were set free after a little palm-greasing. It may be noted that under the National Action Plan, the owner of a house/flat or private hostel is bound to provide the details of the tenants to the nearest police station within 24 hours of renting out the premises. The colleagues of the arrested students told ChitralToday that the next day the Chitrali students were taken to the local court where they were not given the opportunity to explain their position and sent to the Adiala Jail. The owner of the building, who was primarily responsible for documentations, has not been arrested for unknown reasons. After enough struggle when the students received the copy of the FIR, it transpired that the FIR contained a misstatement that the students did not produce their CNICs on the demand of the police. The FIR also falsely stated that the students were arrested after they failed to arrange a surety from any resident. The students said that despite repeated requests the police did not allow them to contact their relatives. When the students approached the Chitral Students Welfare Organization (CSWO) Rawalpindi/Islamabad chapter, its office-bearers made the lame excuse that “It is beyond our scope.” For three days now the students are still rotting in the crowded Adiala Jail in Rawalpindi. The behavior of the Punjab police is not hidden from any knowledgeable person and yet Chitrali students are an easy prey for police harassment as they are easily recognizable as temporary residents due to their fair complexion.]]>

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  1. A Xan Gan koriko chhan lengur. The fact is that the Chitralis are no more ‘sharif’ and any thing bad can be expected from them.

  2. A good post to release frustration, but keep it for some other time. And think what have to do when it happens again…….for sure such things happen again.

  3. Name and FIR Number is not available, can someone please provide the details to the correspondent of chitraltoday through phone call. We have contacted with some authorities in this regards.

    1. The students at this moment do not want to highlight their case or take it up with any authority or the HRCP. They want to first consult their elders and student colleagues and proceed further. ChitralToday will be in touch with them.

  4. Update: Two of the three students have been released on bail and the third one is yet to return from jail after completing the paper work. Adnan Shakir, one of the released students, told ChitralToday that the formalities for his colleague could not be completed till 9pm on Thursday and he would be released on Friday.

  5. So let us start with an NGO wali English with their favourit catchphrase ‘ACTUALLY’. Actually the people who misappropriated the money after collecting it in the name of Lowari tunnel celebrations are known to all. They have already been exposed by the media but even then they are still wandering around looking as they have done nothing.
    The low grade employees whom I have mentioned in my previous post is also a fact, as a large number of peons, clerks, majority of them working as part time property dealers, could be seen collecting donations for setting up any welfare organizations. There were also some educated people who used to collect donations and majority of them were working with some reputable NGOs. The problem why their lust for money never ends like Asif Ali Zardari is because they started off as storekeepers from NGOs like AKRSP, AKHSP, SRSP, etc and excelled in their field. But the thing which is quite shocking is that their mentality is still the same and it will never change.

  6. Mr. Sardar Wali. Before criticizing “low grade government employees”, can you please tell what efforts you have made to get release these students? Also why you are unable to name those low grade employees and clerks which you have mentioned. Don’t try to settle personal vendetta over here and try to do something practical to help release these students. If possible, do let us know in which “high grade” are you working?

  7. We got jolt by the nabbing issue. Our representative students should play their role. Our elders living in Rawalpindi/Islamabad should also awake to cope it. Chitral has a very positive image down the Lowari, we should take special care to maintain it, anyways take step to solve the problem of apprehended students.

  8. Chitrali clerks, peons and property dealers present in Islamabad had set up numerous welfare organizations and could be seen collecting donations from the Chitralis living in Islamabad and Rawalpindi. I just want to ask what role they have played in getting the boys released from the prisonor any other service to the Chitralis? My suggestion is that these people, majority of them low grade government employees should be sent to Adiala jail for defrauding the people. Some NGO walas also collected a good sum of amount in the name of celebrating the opening of Lowari tunnel but after holing a dhola ishtok they just disappeared with the money. Somebody should write to their respective organizations where they worked to give account for the money.

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