1. NS Din says

    What is going on here… I will use the same word for the discussion which all the writers have used frequently…. Pathetic Pathetic and Pathetic…. another thing I request Mr Zahoor to stop commenting… why I ask him to stop and not the others??? The reason is known to me… thank you Zahoor for no more comments…

  2. M.Iqbal says

    Mr. Danish if you be pathetic in English, than it’s not my error, this is just beyond the scope of your intellect, while it’s your loom to the idea. Subsequently, I would like to attempt to put pen to paper in easy language but before that I am writing such a script which compel you to read it 14 times … Don’t be upset!. hahahahaha
    Danish, over again and again, you are escaping from the original theme i.e. religious alliance and your pathetic mind picture about Mullahs. The topic is not faith, be on track and keep away from sectarian violence by misinterpreting the Quranic verse, we never speak during all over commentary that Islam is only Muslim faith, and don’t realize me and to the public about such misconception, avoid Mr. Danish by poor insertion of the idea and argument here. For God sake don’t write something about faith via your useless philosophy and pathetic vision because your picture about Mullahs is so devastating that further writing on faith lead you in complexity. faith is a big search, so please don’t formulate this blunder. Prior to writing anything regarding faith, I would like to clear you and predict about you that, you are starting a bunch of misinterpretation regarding faith, as you repeated such a mistake many time in past in your meager commentary……. Got it……?
    As mentioned, in your remarks that, you are not dig-up me and my write-up…very sad yar….! is it not the lack of reduced weltanschauung and pathetic thinking? the answer is YES. Consequently, refine your mentality and bring to close your abusing and contaminated language.
    Within your comment, I found one more craze, that is unfortunately and psychologically, you are in the circumstances of superiority complex, while fortunately I explore this problem so will guide you. Shortly, you’re in rational trouble as you are not clear even about your own philosophy.
    Secondly what I suggest to you for writing, instead of English, kindheartedly, write up in urdu or in khowar, as you be fail to spot the original essence of English by placing urdu, Arabic and khowar wordings, in other words you craft a mixture of language, which is very coarse impression. Next I found major mistake in your visualization and thinking which is ethically not authorize me to see the sights it in this occasion, for that I have better time to enlighten you.
    You also highlight that, the public and me not understand your point and arguments. My poor Danish I already write down in my comment that you haven’t any point and argument, rather than diatribes, verbosity, be short of idea, poor arguments, lot of misinterpretation and so on. So humble request to you that don’t write up anything regarding faith, as according to your verdict you have ”tooti phooti” understanding of faith, thus why you are claim for writing on faith…oh! My goodness! Brilliant slip of tong. We already know that faith is not the property of any individual but its universal, so keep it, in its original form and don’t upset the real structure of faith by using your philosophy and don’t waste your and our times. hope so you will be a social being…. Very funny….! Waiting for your cartoon?

    1. Zahoor ul Haq Danish says

      Hahaha, poor soul! I pity you yet again. Please improve your knowledge in Faith and of course the English language. Both are pathetic. However, it is better to follow the Holy Quran than arguing with ignorants, who hold only sentiments and no arguments. Quran says:
      و اذا خاطبهم الجاهلون قالو سلاما

  3. Zahoor ul Haq Danish says

    Mr Hassan, Mr Amjad, Mr Bilal, and of course Mr. “Iqbal” and etc. (Yar Iqbal sahi angrizia niweshe la, km az km ta luan hush korin baar wa, ya urdua, khowara niweshe yaar. Kya paabandi neki wa haya website’a. Sot dafa relik boyan ta commentan. Please be brief and clear.)
    With due respect all of you rashly approach Faith, rashly post comments and rashly criticize me without proper understanding of my points and arguments. You take Faith as a property of a few individuals, not a universal faith. Read the Holy Quran please, I request you. Quran never says that Islam is only Muslims’ faith, or Quran exclusively belongs to Muslims. Allah says about Quran: هدىً للناس “(Book of guidance) for all humanity.”
    Again it gives no monopoly or “property rights” over it to any particular section or particular individuals. Allah repeats this Ayah four times in a Surah (repetition is always meant to stress and emphasize):ولقد يسرنا القرآن للذّكر فهل من مدكر You know the translation very well.
    Mr. Someone, who seems to be traditionalist and dogmatic followers of the priests’ version of the religion,blames me that “your version of the religion destroys Islam”. You are wrong poor soul. It is YOUR version that does. The dogmatic and traditionalist version, the version that says “Islam is exclusively priests’ property, their jageer, and we have to blindly, rashly and sentimentally follow whatever they gives as religion.” Come out of the dogma. Read the history of Islam. When there was rationalism in Islam, it flourished. What were the four Imams of the Fiqah?? Were they rationalists or traditionalists? And where there was traditionalism in Islam, Islam saw a setback. Like in today’s situation. Quran ko nahi parhte ho tou km az km tareekh tou parho..
    As for you people’s views about my being against Ulamas. Let me repeat it for about a hundred times for the last two years that: I am not blaming and criticizing Ulamas/true Scholars of Islam. I read them, respect them and owe them my tooti phooti understanding of the Faith. I criticize the priests, the pseudo-scholars. The ones who misinterpret religion for their petty vested interests, and call their version as Faith. Such pseudo-scholars have created sects and schisms in Islam, which is a heinous sin according to Quran. And believe me, such dogmatic interpretation has produced mullah fazlullah and sofi muhammad, who suck Muslims’ blood in the name of Islam. If you call every mullah a true scholar, then you are also justified to follow mullah fazlullah, and such others. They also claim to be fighting for bringing their version of Shariah. No? Haan, so here is where Islam needs you to use your reason, and go back to Quran and Sunnah to understand what the actual Faith is.
    Hamoghar ziyad drungar no kom. Wait for my rebuttal write-up over the next few days. Anyhow, however rash your approach, interpretation and comments are, I take it very positive believe me. Km az km behes boyan, debate boyan. Deeno bara lu diko sum mahmeyz kori marikot tayar no bomian! It is a very encouraging sign that a room for discussion and argumentation is creeping in your minds. This will surely go a long way in developing a culture of tolerance, pluralism and peaceful coexistence according to the true spirit of Islam. As a “westernized” teacher I know it, and am very hopeful. 😛
    P.S: Khuro sum behes/debate korawa dishlan oche, jazbaatan oche fitwaan jereyko zhaghaa Quran-u Sunnato study kori daleel gani behes ki artami jam nayur. After all you are educated folk, you are shouldering a huge responsibility to educate the coming generation.

  4. amjad says

    Judging personalities as a yardstick of faith is essential part of the faith. As our Prophet (peace be upon him) says that the religious clerics or Ulema are the heirs of the Prophet. Similarly all the important personalities of Islam like Hazrat Umar, Hazrat Abu Bakar, Hazrat Usman, Hazrat Ali and the like Sahabas of the Prophets are the torch bearer of Islam. Similarly, these worthy Ulema are the torch bearer of Islamic faith, who carried the faith throughout the centuries keeping in view the harsh and hard threats to Islam. The criteria which you are using to call them jahil will be used by them to call you jahil. They have spared their best part of life for learning Quran and Sunnah and now they are spreading the same message to the general public. How can you charge them as jahil. They have a clear version of faith depending upon Quran and Sunnah. They have a clear interpretation of faith, not like you who interpret the faith in your western version. Islam has suffered a lot because of the people having Islamic version like you. Be proud of your faith and your leaders of faith.

  5. Bilal Ahmad says

    I don’t make any comment on social media posts but was obliged to give my opinion on the article written here. Both M. Shahid and Zahoor ul Haq have used a language which do not suit their caliber. Any debate and discussion in such a forum with such a large number of readers should follow some ethical and moral principles. It would have been far better to make logical judgement to convince the readers rather abusing each other.
    Secondly this is the second time that Zahoor ul Haq is being targeted for his antagonistic approach against the religious bunch of Chitral. Why Zahoor sahib?

  6. Muhammad Hassan says

    After reading Mr.Zahoor and Mr.Iqbal, I would say few lines.
    We all have responsibilities and rights in our society, which means “give and take” As a nation we must promote things of national interest, while keeping eyes on the negative sides of the society in a pragmatic way.Labelling traditional people as mulla in a disgraceful way in’t and shouldn’t be reasonable as they play important roles in the national buildup.On the other hand blaming the modern educated people as foreign agents or Mr.falan falan wouldn’t be appropriate. Particularly among the literate communities there is a dire need of tolerance and polite way of communication. Emotional outburst isn’t a solution to a logical argument.By giving evidence based facts to any problem must be welcomed and encouraged, Yes there may be some points upon which one can guide in a descent way without being involved in conflict.
    Regards to both,

  7. M.Iqbal says

    By M.Iqbal
    Mr. Danish , don’t approach the intention as which be not the fraction of our argument , for all time endeavor en route for not stray from the bona fide topic which is religious alliance plus your mental picture regarding Mullahs, after that we will be finally away from home ,commencing the genuine predicament. At this juncture we are not discussing the subject of Islamic line of attack, loyalty and strive, rather to keep the subject matter and kindly remains always on crown without escaping from countless question. You miss out numerous ideas and connotation without highlighting their original essence in your clarification. Don’t customize yourself by introducing new-fangled topic, quite better to answer the questions. In your comment I am unable to unearth any idea, nevertheless to a certain extent you unlock the chapter of words without determining the inspiration for the betterment of mullahs.
    In your words ,Mullahs i.e. pseudo-scholars …. Miraculous…! At the same occasion you quoted Iqbal, again repeating the similar slip-up as you are unable to differentiate Mulla’s Azan and Mujahid’s Azan?? In this context, Iqbal talking in relation to the significance of precious concepts, but not disgracing the self-esteem of mullah, gets rid of impurities for the maturity of accepted wisdom. My cherished brother be supposed to find room in the Oxford Dictionary for the meaning of the word used above for the Religious leaders of this society. Mr. Danish negative thinking is the product of his own negative but also destructive mind. on no account provide your own reference regarding your philosophy as it’s a silent truth that every one having their own philosophy, and if each implement their own philosophy than what about the philosophy of our ancestor, while you are not a scale/ reference /standard like Al Ghazali, khaldoon, Aristotle, Russell’s , whose philosophies are quoted as a reference .may be your useless philosophy promote in future ,but at this time this existed philosophy will go under the surface of your own bombastic language..
    Mr. Danish interpretation of English words can never considered yardstick or criterion to measure the Mullahs position in the society. Stay away from grandiloquent as well as diatribes which is poison for intellectual progress, shortly, nothing else just hackneyed in your entire commentary .what I am identify regarding your weak visualization about mullah is of not your own , but somehow fabricated and transmitted for experiment by means of you as a pilot test.
    Correctly I am justifying personalities on the basis of religion, and this is an obligation on me, for the reason that my prophet says that religious leaders are heirs of Prophets. What I suggest for you is that you would like to attempt to bring reform either by scripts writing or by oratory in the society rather scattering abhorrence and analysis about the indolence of Mullah’s.
    After that you’re talking about the bakwasita of mullah and report their matter to concerned people means to administration, this mirror a childish job, very heartbreaking Mr. Danish …. Glorified non sense!
    The thoughtless ending of your comment is also extraordinarily interesting that you shout I will terrified you and alarmed you… hahahaha oh ! My goodness!!!… Mr. Danish, this very dialogue illustrate the whole caliber of your deprived thinking…. finally a lot of misinterpretation, verbosity, insensitive words and psychological complication is there in your write-up . Hope it will be enhanced in future and alongside being a human being, I will be witness for your social being.

  8. Zahoor ul Haq Danish says

    Mr. Iqbal nice to have your response on the page. I have no reason to argue with you if you don’t know that the word mullahs has been used for pseudo-scholars of islam, not the scholars. Many verses of Iqbal condemn such pseudo-scholars, who misinterpret religion to suit their vested interests. Let me quote a few for you here:
    “Mullah ko agar hind may hey sajday ki ijazat,
    Nadaan ye samajhta hey k Islam hey azaad..”
    “Parwaz hey donon ki isi ek faza may,
    Karges ka jahan or hey shaheen ka jahan or..
    Alfaaz-u ma’aani may tafawut nahi lekin,
    Mullah ki azaan or hey mujahid ki azaan or..”
    Dont be judgmental Mr. Iqbal “Mountainous”, before getting my actual points. I have faith in Islam, not in mullahism. I respect and read the real scholars of the Faith. But these pseudo-scholars are to be criticized, as they are selling religion for their petty gains, and are doing their best to suppress enquiry and rationalism in Islam. Personally i need no mullah to label me as “faithful” or grant me a certificate of being muslim. I deliberately used some harsh words in response to your write-up; because this is my own philosophy to talk wisely with the wise, politely with the polite, and foolishly with foolish. Or ye boht asar bhi karta hey, jaisa mareez waisi dawaa! As for the word “jahil”, yes i do use this for pseudo-scholars. Jahil means ignorant. And yes these pseudo-scholars are ignorant of the actual Message of Islam. The criterion for someone to be right is not that he should be from mountains, or from “my people”. The criterion in this case is who rightly understands and interprets the Message of the Faith. Mr. Iqbal don’t use religion to justify personalities; and don’t take personalities as yardstick of Islam. Believe me this is Jewish, Christian and Hindu approach. In Islam the yardstick is Quran and Sunnah. Whoever fits this yardstick is right, regardless of who he is or where he is from. And if someone plays with this yardstick to get his interests/fulfilled, he is wrong regardless of who he is or where he is from. Be he my father he is wrong. It is very simple. There are two ways, in this case:
    1. What Islam itself says
    2. What an individual says about Islam
    The actual Message is what Islam itself says. There should be no twisting, manipulation in that. Unfortunately in our society “What individuals say about Islam” matters more than “What Islam itself says”. The obvious and logical outcome of this huge misunderstanding is what is evident from your worthy write-up: what pseudo-scholars preach is Deen. This is our society huge huge dogma. We should approach what Islam itself says, and that is very very clear, not confusing the way these pseudo-scholars have made out of it.
    P.S. You don’t have to issue fatwa against me, as i have developed this understanding and attitude after a huge sacrifice. And i need no certificate or license from mullahs to the effect of who i am. This is Allah’s matter to decide okay!!!! This is enough, boht ho gaya, i have no time to argue on petty matters. Or haan those pseudo-scholars who were doing bakwasaat, i have reported their matter to concerned people. It is on them whether they do karawayi or not!! Mera faraz tha ghalat ko ghalat kehna, woh keh diya right on the face!! Alhamdulillah mujhe kisi ka khaof nahi hota, or shayad yehi Khaof-e Khuda hey!! Ye isliye keh raha hoon k wa nagah dhamki diti tan wakhto zaya kos!! 😉 Never mind!

  9. tanzil khan says

    By Tanzil khan
    There is no method of reasoning more common, and yet none more blamable than in philosophical disputes to endeavor the refutation of any hypothesis by a pretense of its dangerous consequences to religion and morality. When any opinion leads to absurdities it is certainly false; but it is not certain than an opinion is false [ merely] because it is of dangerous consequences.
    Subsequent to study the astonishing write down of both Mr . zahoor and Mr. Iqbal its patent that both enclose accurate on their elevation but I recommend both to not culpability and ill-treatment each supplementary which is in opposition to the ethic of our culture . our civilization not authorize to articulate the word pathetic english, khowar and urdu as fighting fit the term westernized. No one is just what the doctor ordered on their behalf so expect better script in future.

  10. M.Iqbal says

    By M.Iqbal
    Let for a jiffy, Mr. Danish you know how to put pen to paper & write English better than us however we have the pathetic one, but what about your pathetic vision on the subject of mullahs? My dear Danish it’s not an issue who write improved English but it’s really a matter and fact that we deliberately get the wrong impression about and miscalculate the original dimension. I have no interest with mullahs and with your initiative about mullahs, but obviously object your vision about mullahs and calling over their names on their personality. You’re not the ultimate to make your mind up, who jahil are and who be sensible.
    You talk about inside your comments that you can’t get & dig up me, and my pathetic English, so dear brother ,for the reason that it’s still difficult for you to get so effortlessly, due the presence of pathetic vision…..fastidious….!
    Don’t be terrified it’s me …yah me…M.Iqbal…your brother, a Muslim brother, cultural brother & geographical brother. Be heroic respected brother I am standing by for debate but in the presence of Mullahs where you talk into them by your precious idea and suggestion, while our jahil mullahs protect themselves. It’s an occasion to open the kimono and explain that you should put in plain words the mullaisim.
    Mr. Danish ,most important ,could do with to lucid and make a distinction b/w the word abuse and opinion. Unfortunately being the part of pathetic English you are not clear in this two very words. Let me understandable Mr. Danish what’s the differences b/w this two words.
    Your abusing the religious scholar and my mountain community people by calling them “Al-jahil” and “Jahil”. It’s your meager thinking as well as sentimental approach. Secondly still you are abusing by using the judgment “Islam kia Pisa tattoo jageera” what a non sense?. No Mr danish you are wide of the mark, we never increasingly claim the aforementioned sentence whether in public and even in court. Don’t wile by blaming the mullahs ? So my opinion is to not implement your anti mullaism and jahalat abuse on my community people. Now the public and the reader decide what an opinion is and what is an abuse……
    You also mentioned the quranic verse in your observation ?… translation…kehdijiya lawo apnay dalail ko agar tum sachay ho…. With due apology Mr. Danish again your get the wrong idea about the original context of the ayat of quran . Please with awareness read the context in which brains its used in divine book . But still if you require the response than please comprehend sura anam, ayah no. 149,sura no. 8…. Urdu translation.” Khedijiyi buland dalail tu Allah he kay liya hain, agar who Allah chahtay to tum sub ko hedayat daitay”.
    Next you also mentioned in your deprived commentary that you encompass an intelligence who details you about the fake name and the composer. In Islam this is not intelligence, relatively it’s a “ Choghal khoori” and you know better than me about “ choghol khoori” and its punishment. Who write the article this is M.iqbal me again your brother. Who compose it, it’s rather not your problem & who is the communication career … very self-indulgent and innocent attitude… shocking?
    Optimism in expectations you resolve thinking to approximating opinion, rather than abusing either the jahil or so called mullahs and my mountain community.

  11. Noor shahzad says

    My dear friends, I read both of your point of views which were explained emotionally rather than politely and convincingly. I ask how and who can be a best journalist? The answer is very simple: the one who deliver his message to the nation without hurting anyone believes, religion, ego, profession etc. Our respected sir, Zahoor rightly said that the recent join hand of religious parties is only to get Nazamat and to secure their severe personal interest and they are at a time not serving Islam as they says they are the only torch bearer. On the other hand it is also reality that there are many religious scholars who spent their days and nights only for the survival of humanity. We have to differentiate these peoples, the black sheep in the rank of Ulamas must be eliminated and not allowed anybody to exploit our religious beliefs. Mr. Iqbal also expressed his views and seems to be hurt from the few harsh words used by the writer about Mullas. I think in social media these words may further deteriorate the purpose. With thanks your sincerely…

  12. Zahoor ul Haq Danish says

    Hahaha!! Dear readers this poor sentimental gentleman is actually addressing me. Yes me (Zahoor ul Haq Danish). M.Iqbal i am sure you have written this pathetic write-up under a fake name. If your ‘iman’ cannot make you say things openly under your own name, can it lead you to Jannah (along with priests whom you seem to have faith in)?? Your English is so pathetic that i could hardly get what you want to say. You had better write it in Urdu or Khowar to unburden your ‘imandaar’ heart, instead of advertising your ignorance both in English language and of course Islam the Faith. But i am sure your Urdu as well as Khowar will be as pathetic. Apart from all this, you have done nothing but labelling and abusing in the whole write-up. Bhai koi daleel sey baat karo, dhang sey baat karo. Why should you dumb-witted be sentimental and touchy priests?? Islam kya pisa Tato jageer no kya, ka phaar zhingemi ka yi zhingay royan bewquf sawzey tan siyasi mafaadatan hasil komi. It is a universal faith, a complete code of conduct for life. It is an end itself, not a means to other personal or political ends. Everyone is responsile to study, understand and follow the Faith; no Quran gives this “theeka” to priests or to other particular section of society. It is everyone’s Faith, and everyone has to know it. Agar tum ney mullahs par iman laya tou theek hey, may ney mullahs par tou iman nahi laya hey; may ney Islam par iman laya hey. Whoever is right as per the principles of Islam i will call him right, and whoever is wrong i will call him wrong. YES–I–WILL. Mind one thing: you call me ‘westernized”, actually you yourself seem to be influenced by western priesthood and monasticism. These two things from Christianity seem to have strongly influenced you!! Hahaha, and you call ‘me’ westernized. What an irony! Come out of the dark cave my poor brother, i pity you. Islam is free of priesthood and monasticism; in Islam what Quran and Sunnah say are authority; these are the yardsticks, not mullahs. I request you to study and understand the Holy Quran and Sunnah. If you have studied them, then next time come for a debate with arguments; not abuses. Okay!! (قل هاتو برهانكم)
    I usually don’t debate with ignorant “jahil” people, because the Holy Quran says:
    اذا خاطبهم الجاهلون قالو سلاما
    P.S. You know one thing? I know who you are. 😛 Ma intelligence haani tez ki ta hy niweshiro ka compose kori asur hase di mat pata. Pisa naman ki gantam maza no koi, pisa sum shum nayur. Sirf itni dua hey k Allah tumhe Quran or Sunnat ko samajh kar parhne ki tawfeeq ata karey!! Ma namo ki gantami di kya masla neki, jitni izzat Allah ney di hey shukar karta hoon, kaafi hey! Isi tarah kay bakwasaat likhney sy meri izat km nahi hogi. Pisa tan izatan khayalo korur, hy phuk shiru di lashta mo boghar!! Siyasi oche dunyawi mafaadan acha choki tan zindagio, tan salahiyatan oche tan Qayamato berbad mo korur.. Insano shaoor azaad yaar, come on!! Tan soro gharo diti mo halawur. You cannot escape knowledge, believe me!!

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