Student wins laurels for engineering project

ejazEjaz Ahmad, son of Zar Muhammad, from Karimabad, Chitral, bagged first position for his final-year project on computer engineering from the Bahria University, Islamabad. His project of “Combat quad copter” is just like a mini-drone. It has the ability to carry bomb and target a specific area.  The project is monitored by radio-control (R/C). It also has the ability to transmit real time video to the base station and the video can be viewed on a smart phone. Applications of project: projectIt can be sued in military operations, aerial photography , aerial security, aerial surveillance, aerial mapping , aerial search and rescue and aerial bombing. The project was also included in two national level competitions of engineering projects: National Solutions Convention 2015 – Fast University Islamabad and Electrical System and Microcontroller Application – Comsat Abbottabad.]]>

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  1. My dear Ejaz Ahmad!!! I salute your courage and hard work, and congratulate you on the successful experimental exhibition of your newly made project (drone). It is really a good news for all of us, Chitralis. May Allah grant you a lot of more success in your field.
    Muhammad Hakim
    Sichuan Medical University

  2. Dear sir, through your esteemed online newspaper I would like to congratulate Mr. Ejaz Ahmed Computer Engineering Bahria University Islamabad, his parents, teachers and entire Chitral for the tremendous and landmark achievement he displayed. We arr all proud of you and pray for your more achievements in the days ahead.
    Zahir Uddin

  3. Thank you Nisar Shah bro, for appreciation..!!!
    You can’t compare it with F-16 or JF-17 thunder million dollar project we just spent 74k on it and made it for small military operations . F-16 or JF-17 carries more than 500 KG weight bombs. it’s not just like that the way u think.
    It especially designed for small military operations just like terrorist attacked on APS school Peshawar , Airport Karachi . it carry 700gm to 800 gm bomb which specially designed for it.To drop bomb in targeted area is one of it’s function . it’s use in aerial photography , aerial security, aerial surveillance, aerial mapping , aerial search and rescue

  4. Hi Ejaz, congratulations on the achievement and laurels. The drone picture just reminded me of Joy Lobo in the wonderful movie—three idiots. You are lucky you made it. Unfortunately, he could not.
    A few months back I got a chance to visit the famous Cholistan (desert) jeep rally. Watching the ‘flying jeeps’ closely, including that of Nadir Magsi was great fun.
    Equally interesting was seeing the drones monitoring the whole event alongside the racing track at the same pace. As rightly pointed out by Mr. Rehman, aerial photography, aerial surveillance and aerial search and rescue are quite possible with this. However, it is being unrealistic to expect that this ‘little drone’ can help us in military operations and aerial bombing. If that was this simple, why would we spent millions of dollar in purchasing F-16 or making the JF-17 thunder.
    Still, it is in no way to belittle your achievement, bro. You are well deserved to be appreciated. After all, all great things start from small beginnings. Cheers!
    Nisar Ahmad Shah
    Garam Chashma.

  5. Hi Admin,
    I really appreciate and happy for our brother that he made this as his final project and won laurel. However, the description he has provided with it that it can carry bombs etc is not true. I made this same thing with OTG connectivity when I was in AKHSS Karachi. Even Phantom inspire cannot lift weight more than 1.5 KG. Please verify the description before posting anything.
    PS: I am also a Chitrali student, currently studying in Lahore. I made three of them when I was in my first year.

  6. It,s a great achievement and pleasure movement for all of us.wish you a bright future and lot of sucessaries for your future and we all chitralies are proud of you

  7. It is moment of pleasure that opportunities are being provided to the genious of this country. It is inventions that make development sustainable nor the money. So, right move in the right direction.

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