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New water project inaugurated

CHITRAL, June 3: German Ambassador Dr. Cyrill Nunn has said the aim of the German support to the people of Chitral for having access to clean drinking water was to make the people healthy so that they could live a happy life.

He was speaking in a inaugural ceremony of urban project of drinking water in village Lasht, five km away from Chitral town. He urged the beneficiary community to manage it properly in order to sustain it so that the people could get benefit continuously from the project for long time in future. He also appreciated Aga Khan planning and Building Service, Pakistan for its efforts to execute and implement the long and difficult project successfully, says a press release.
Mr. Salim Khan, member Provincial Assembly, speaking on the occasion appreciated and thanked the German Government and people for providing fund to the government and NGOs for the development projects in Pakistan.
Mr. Nawab Ali Khan, CEO of AKPBSP also spoke on the occasion and thanked KfW for its funding for the projects in GBC.
Earlier, the representative of beneficiary community, Mr. Zohran Shah made a presentation to the ambassador on the project. He thanked the donor agency, KfW of Germany for providing fund for the project to have access to safe drinking water to the people of Lasht, Dulumuch and Singoor village. He also thanked local administration, line departments and AKPBSP for their support in getting this project completed.
It may be noted that laid out pipes covered 75 km, which included 26 km feeder line and 49 Km branch lines in network system.
Similarly, the ambassador inaugurated another KfW funded drinking water project in Booni. This project benefits 363 households. Earlier, on his arrival in Booni, the beneficiary community warmly welcomed the ambassador and his team and presented Chitral caps to them.
Speaking on the occasion, the ambassador stressed the need of sustaining the project by proper planning and management so that beneficiary households could benefit for long time.
The member of Provincial Assembly, KPK Sardar Hussain thanked the German government and the people for their generous financial support for the development in Chitral. He also appreciated the efforts of AKPBSP for successful implementation of the project.
Earlier, Mr. Zulfiqar Ali Shah briefed about the project. He said after getting the clean drinking water there has been noticeable reduction in water borne diseases in Booni. He thanked donor agency, KfW and executing agency AKPBSP for getting the water problem solved in Booni.
Among others who were present on the occasion were: Ms Barbera, First Secretary of German Embassy, Nawab Ali Khan, CEO AKPBSP, Dr. Baber of AKF,P and Ms Nusrat CEO of FOCUS Humanitarian Assistance, Pakistan.

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  1. Muhammad Hakim says

    To see this news I felt extremely sorry because two decades ago we were rich to getting spring’s pure water from different streams which were flowing across our villages without any payment and discrimination because Chitral is that remote part of Pakistan on the map of the world where if something was abundantly available only this pure water.
    Allah has created 3 natural resources in free state and without the exogenous sources associated, can be easily obtained by everyone ,they are the basic requirements of common people ,animals,plants, are directly granted from Allah in equal ratio for all natures,poor and rich without any discrimination and difference of races and also they are the sources of energies can be obtained freely.
    So namely these three things are 1.pure air 2.pure water..3 pure sun light. they do not need to any any transport to bring them at our homes except one time manage it properly. how we are mad that Allah has granted some thing in free state like petrol we also pay for it and many mans participate to make it pure and extract it from earth but water is one of them unique thing which is not purified in plant so basically it should not be bought for paying. it is weakness of our governmental bodies that they can not manage it properly,if government bring the chitral waters in producing electricity, so the chitrali nation will never need to pay the electricity bills and as well as water bills,but it will be sufficient for the whole we can be civilized nation and patriotic that after paying huge amount of money also the water can not be supplied at our homes and does not enough to domestic needs.but unfortunately this exogenous man is appreciable man who supported our poor and backward region,but the ground reality he would not know after he donated us this water supply what did happen ,what did the result come and what did we face?we had been really deprived from pure water which flowed potentially at our homes also we never needed to pay a cent to get that water ,unlikely and unfortunately after his donation the natural resource to chitral remained only for the rich and well known families ,they were given benefit by this WSU water supply but the poor and middle category people faced a lot of trouble to get a drop of water from our own earth and water falls.he made us an indigent to receive our own property.
    when we went to WSU office ,we had not been given any worker to open the blockage of our pipe line,because they already knew that our water supplied had already been blocked by them because of to be a poor, also if some one who belongs to court and belongs to police department and WAPDA etc he had been given 5 persons to resupply his water but no any hearing from middle class people and society.when we submitted application ,they were not read and seen but after a moment dropped into dustbin. some highly designated and rich people were given 2 and 3 extra lines at a time alternatively like electricity and they were arranged by such a way that if one was discontinued the other one continued rather than of those who had only one line of water supply but was indigent for a drop of water yet animals were also thirsty to drink a drop of water Wallah my words are really true and related to the real feeling of my community.this water supply made enemy the real brother,people became bad to keeping stone into another neighbor home water supply because of no water at his home ,he thought that if i does this one then may be he can get a little amount of water his children and his animals shall difficultly survive ,not die due to availability a drop of water.
    These situations are true, not stories. So my sincere request appeal to this man is only this one that please do not deprive us from natural resources which have been given to us freely and without any cost and pay,after this water supply how many villages and communities will be deprived from the benefits of unpaid and free facilities.if really ,and cordially you want to help us and want to donate something then give permanent facility after you leave Chitral ,we will never be deprived by anyone.

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