Two killed in accident near Mirkhani

DROSH, June 2: A taxi jeep coming to Chitral from Dir met with an accident near Mirkhani and fell into a stream this morning. As a result, two persons lost their lives while one went missing. Two others were also injured.
The injured persons have been brought to the tehsil headquarters hospital in Drosh where their condition was stated to be out of danger.
The deceased were identified as Hassan and Mehmood Ali Shah, both residents of the Drosh town. Mehmood’s mother Bibi Halima and Afsar Khalil from Yarkhun were among the injured. The missing person has been identified as Alim Ahmed, a resident of Shangla. One of the injured informed ChitralToday that the vehicle (PST-877) skidded off the road and fell into the stream whcih flows from the Ashiret valley and joins River Chitral at Mirkhani.


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