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Status quo politicians donimate LG polls

CIMG9710Background discussions with people belonging to different walks of life showed that double votes were cast in almost all the villages. Money bags were also opened and hollow promises by politicians, especially the pseudo type, marred the free and fair election atmosphere in the district. Witnesses said taking advantage of being a ruling party in the province, the local PTI leaders were seen active in making promises unlike their counterparts in other political parties which left them with no option but to use the ‘biradri card’. There were also complaints that voting process was at snail’s pace, as it took about 10 to 15 for a voter to cast their vote due to which the turnout was reportedly not up to the mark. Talking to ChitralToday on phone, additional assistant commissioner Syed Mazhar Ali Shah said that people had to face some problems as it took almost 15 minutes for a voter to cast his/her vote due to complicated polling process. About the overall law and orders situation on the polling stations, he expressed satisfaction, saying some PTI workers were seen in high tempers, which was controlled by the timely intervention of the local administration. The sources said PTI leaders were seen quite nervous during the polling as Chief Minister Pervez Khattak had reportedly tightened the noose around with a warning that any defeat this time again would leave him with no option but to replace them with some genuine visionary leadership. The healthy development which needs to be appreciated is that the turnout of women at polling stations was very high. The Chitral district which has remained a stronghold of former president Pervez Musharraf, this time again did not disappoint the hot-headed commando as majority of the elderly people who had seen the hardships in constructing the Lowari tunnel, turned out openly in support of the former general. However, the results are yet to be announced but it is predicted that a split mandate is in the offing – shattering the hopes of PTI to clean sweep the local bodies’ elections – making it once again difficult for the local leadership, which has failed to streamline the party in the district.]]>

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  1. Muhammad Hassan says

    Lets first probe this topic before we indulge in to political argument, and then long hot debates which always end up in an emotional way, So my humble request would be only giving ligical insights and inputs which may help how “change” is important, and whether or not should it be followed.
    Change is said to be like a tidal wave, If you ride over it, you will go a long way, and if you resist it you will remain nowhere…. is a quote from highly professional business executive.
    Change is very important in this material world as we can see from many examples in nature being changed over times, Continuous change of solar system giving various seasons, which give various colors to the world, Change of Moon, Second(Time), all show that change is part of the material life in a natural way.
    To take a change is always a challenge, but once you do a homework for the change, plan for it and execute, its always beneficial in most of the cases like business, lifestyle, foods, learning and day to day matters.
    But the biggest challange for the change is some thing that we inherit in ourselves through traditions and a fear of whether this change may harm us.
    One more thing that resist change is our habbit of always focussing on the past.
    considering the past is an important thing in life but more focusing on past is something that creats hurdle in a smooth drive in to the future, as people who drive cars can very well judge one thing that “Looking in to the rear mirror, moving forward is quite difficult”
    Since many things over the last few decades have changed even we were not prepared for it so it’s high time we must be prepared for a change or at least talk on this topic extensively so that we may be ready for any future change.

  2. Obaid Ullah says

    Mr Zulfiqar never misses an opportunity to support APML and denounce one of the senior leaders of PTI in Chitral. The results are there where reportedly APML has bitten the dust strongly and the only seat which Khalid Pervaiz won was with the support of PPP otherwise he was not far from defeat. His work and views are getting monotonous for the readers and his biased attitude greatly affecting his credibility as a journalist.
    Dear Editor please do not delete my views. My comments have not be published in the past.

  3. Safdar Khan says

    The performance of pti was outstanding, pti was the only party which stood up to the ulema alliance.

  4. Hameed Sangal says

    Hahaha winning a seat wid the help of GM, what a joke. GM was reportedly admitted to maternity hospital Booni when his independent candidate lost his home polling station. a

  5. Noor Bilal Shah says

    Look bro if you think it’s PTi bashing, then you witnessed the performance of PTI walas. Bibi Fozia was caught red handed while making an attempt to rig the polls. Some nami garami politicians were forced to kiss the dust in the LG elections. A leader (his name will be revealed if needed) printed separate posters for Sunni and Ismaili dominated areas in 2013 general elections. In Sunni dominated areas, he added Haji, while in Ismaili dominated areas he had nothing to befool but to go ahead with his old name, without making the people realize that he is the same old man but in fact he had undergone a complete overhauling for the lust of power. This time again for whom you seem quite worried, managed to win a UC seat and that with the help of Haji Ghulam Muhammad. We, the people of Chitral wanna say it loud and clear and to make it more clear let me say uin Urduy, “Molviyon nei PTI Ka janaza niakl dity’ in May 30 LG elections. But alas the the PTIO trolls including some political novices still think that have done something great. I would rather request chief minister Khattak to replace these old corrupt faces with new and honest leadership or else PTI has no future in chitral.

  6. afrasiyab khan says

    This is poor analysis. You need to improve your skills, the only thing you know is pti bashing thats it.

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