LG elections: myth & reality


By Muhammad Amin Baloch 
As local government elections are to be held on May 30, we are just a few days away. Under the current KP government’s new system, numerous candidates have jumped the political arena. Only the Village Council will consist of eight to nine councilors including general, women, farmer and youth counselors depending upon the population of the village council conclave. 
chitralIt is also being rumored that the provincial government will pump millions of development funds to each VC besides appointing a VC secretary and support staff. This has created much enthusiasm amongst the candidates and their supporters to clinch the prestigious post of chairmanship at the VC level. There are hectic efforts and they are running after the electorates to get their costly votes. However after the 30th May the winners will be basking in the sun enjoying their victories and losers will reprimand those who did not vote for them and will mince fake stories as is prevalent mindset of the rural areas.
However, an interesting political scenario has come up with formation of coalition between the liberal and religious political parties. Chitral has become the only district in the KPK where coalitions have been formed in reverse.PTI and JI are in coalition in the provincial government and are contesting LG elections as coalition partners throughout the district. Again PPP and JUI are coalition partners in the senate and are in agreement along with ANP to contest LB elections as coalition partners in the province. Then what happened in Chitral where political arrangements are in topsy turvy.
According to my political analysis the politico-religious parties are scarred of the rising popularity of the current sitting MPA Salim Khan. If this political arrangement will get success in forming district government in Chitral, then definitely they will pose great challenges for the PPP in the forthcoming general elections for the assemblies.Mr.Salim Khan is well aware of this and through his political shrewdness has entered into political arrangements with the PTI and APML, a right decision for the future of the district.
Apart from PPP, JI and JUI, PTI has also the potential to contest these elections with the joining of some political stalwarts in the party. Abdul Wali advocate, a renowned lawyer and political figure in chitral, has joined PTI and has boosted the party position. Tough competitions are expected in Chitral UC 1, 11 and Drosh.In UC Lotkoh Shireen Khan is also expected tough competition from the political parties and independent candidates.However, survey indicates that he will win the elections because of his   past experiences, political caliber and support from the largest party of the district.PPP may win two UC seats from Lotkoh and PTI has the possibility of winning Karimabad UC.
Garamchashma is once again gripped in the political activities and tug of war. Last week a face to face meeting was organized by Pamir School & Degree College. The organizers had invited all the contesting candidates and a number of participants belonging to different aspects of life in the area. However, this will be discussed in a separate article describing its advantages and disadvantages comprehensively.
As in my previous article titled “Elections fever grips Garamchashma“had predicted that someone will come to Chitral as Musharaf envoys to bag votes for APML candidates. Two envoys of Musharaf had flown to Chitral few weeks ago and held meeting with the supporters of APML in Chitral. They had also conducted telephonic address from the ex. president. Ironically this has now become a fashion to organize telephonic address just for the sake of clinching Musharaf sympathy votes. Let us see how things will affect the entire elections process.


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