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  1. Mohammad Ajmal Khan says

    Nasira you have rightly said. we are tired and bored of this long awaited delay for our appointments… why the govt is not serious about the schools which are without teachers? how change could be brought about while your schools are without teachers?
    as far the issue of in service teachers is concerned, they should be dealt accordingly. why they are putting hindrance in the path of appointments of the qualified teachers? we have qualified against 25% open merit while 75% was already given to the in service teachers…
    do they only know promotions? do they have any other responsibility?
    why the future of the nation is being played with?

    1. Yaqoob Ali says

      It has been a big sort of trouble for govt when ever some body wants to throw ston in water they contact with code for stay order. When the time of stay order come to its end tha job test validation also comes to its end.

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