4 Replies to “A lawyer's view on MoU”

  1. The main issue is not administering the event rather it is the ownership of land. the Shandur Welfare Organization, who arranged a seminar in Peshawar, is Gilgit based organization and bows towards GB. It is learned that the owner of the BRINGO (SWO) owns business of bio gas etc therefore instead of Chitral the entire GB is much attractive for that man. Hence is had been working for the purpose. One astonishing fact in all this development is the local journalist of Chitral based in Peshawar also joined hand with SWO. Instead of promoting the interest of Chitral few Chitral media persons in Peshawar supported the steps of the head of SWO, who also publish a megazine Monthly Shandur. How come the MPAs from Chitral; Bibi Fozia and Sardar Hussain could be so ignorant? Both are equally responsible for this mishandling.

  2. The people of Chitral could not understand that why we should share the management of our land with the guests, who have been playing there at the invitation of Chitral for the last many years. It would have been better for Tahrik-e-Insaf to take into consideration the history of Shandur as well as the history of the polo tournament there.

  3. Our politician and as well as low stage leadership using dire consequences and doing everything without any justification no any kind of territory issue from both side never discussed in the seminar. All the statement of local leadership of Laspur false and fabrications.

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