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Role of women – in east and the west

CHITRAL: Deputy Commissioner Chitral Aminul Haq said that today it is neither the fault of the West to turn women a showpiece nor the East can be blamed for depriving her of her rights.

In fact, he added, the actual reasons behind these injustices was people’s deviation from the golden values of Islam. As a result, in the world of today somewhere men violated the rights of women and somewhere women enslaved the man.

The DC stated this while speaking as a chief guest at a declamation contest on “Women’s role in eastern and western societies” held at the govt high school for girls Muldeh, Chitral.

Mr Haq said the world created imperialism and capitalism and now there were efforts to promote democratic values but sadly there is no let-off in cruelties committed on human beings by their own fellow beings and neither these injustices can be eliminated without enforcing the system revealed by God.

This is because only the Creator of mankind has the power and the ability to put in place a system that can be a panacea for all the ills of society.

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