A feather in JUI's cap


CHITRAL, April 25: Though almost all political parties never tire of claiming to work for the emancipation of women, the Jamiat Ulema-e-Islam (JUI) Chitral got ahead of all of them by practically proving it. kalashAs the rigmarole for the forthcoming local government elections continues along with leg-pulling and bargaining among politicians, the religious political party, JUI, surprisingly allotted a ticket to a women belonging to the pagan Kalash tribe. ChitralToday has learnt that the JUI has putted the name of Kalash lady Hazrat Gul in the second priority for the reserved seat of women in the District Council. The development could not be termed any minor step because political parties have only fielded Kalash minorities for the reserved seats of minorities but only JUI-F has allotted ticket to Kalash lady in Women seat thus making it a very remarkable political step not only in Chital rather across the province. Commenting on this decision, the JUI Chitral General Secretary Maulana Abdul Shakur said that a delegation of Kalash tribe approached the local JUI leadership and requested them for granting of minorities seat in Tehsil Council, keeping in view the backwardness of Kalash areas and less opportunities to this minority group  JUI not only fielded Kalash candidate in Tehsil counicl Chitral rather we also gave seat to Kalash tribe on the Women reserve seats which will make their presence strong in district council. He said that JUI is hopeful securing at least 3 women reserve seats in district council and the Kalash lady would be the one. He added that in district council the minorities reserve seat were only Two and almost all the political parties have nominated their male candidates, maximum party seats were required for the selection of party candidates on minorities seats but the selection of women candidate would be a bit easy task as there were 8 women reserve seats. It is remarkable decision of JUI will shows its political maturity, harmonized political culture and communal acceptance in Chitral. The rightist polticial-religous parties are always considered too much rigid and hardcore but the step of JUI speaks totally against and it shows the peaceful coexistence and tolerance for different ethnic and religious groups.]]>

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