Is it justified?

During the 2013 elections, Abdul Latif was the candidate of the Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaaf for the National Assembly seat of NA 32 Chitral and Rehmat Ghazi and Haji Sultan were the candidates for the two Provincial Assembly seats. As we all know they lost the elections and now comes the Local Government Elections. This time, the local district representatives or we can say the cabinet was given the authority to choose the candidates for the local government elections. I am a supporter of the PTI. Now here comes a questions. Don’t we have other able candidates from Chitral main seats for local other than these and there is no other representative of the party for these elections? If one has remained party candidate for MNA and MPA how can he think of contesting these local government elections. Is it Insaaf? How would people react to this. Is it all for a position or seat? And also if someone joins the party just a day before is awarded party ticket? What will the old and senior party workers think and react ? Do these kind of decisions effect the party ? With these kind of decisions what will be the difference between PTI and other parties?? These are just a few questions. Wajahat Shah]]>

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  1. does this only apply to PTI, there dozens of other candidates who are contesting from other parties for third times

  2. i disagree, This is a good decision to field strong candidates if pti wants to make district government in chitral. If we look at the candidates there is a mix of old and new people whuch is good. Pti has chances of grabbing seats this time.

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