Election fever grips Garam Chashma

With the announcement by the provincial government to hold the local government elections by the end of May, political thermometer has also ascended in Chitral. Different political parties, including PPP, PTI, JI, JUP and AML, are racing to hold corner meeting and building coalition to occupy prestigious district slot. The elections are essential for creating political awareness among the people. As the representatives are elected from the grass root level, therefore such elections prove training ground for political grooming. These public representatives also understand basic problems of the people well and will make correct policy and planning accordingly to solve them at the grass roots level. According to the LB plan envisaged by the PTI government, a major bulk of development works will be done by the local elected representatives, therefore occupying this office will become a natural contest among the major political players in the district. In Chitral a unique kind of political coalitions have been formed in complete contrast of set up in the Senate and KPK. In the Senate, a coalition is existed between PPP and JUI and in KPK PTI and JI have a strong coalition government.However,for contesting local body elections in Chitral JUI and JI have entered into coalition, making seats adjustments in sixteen UCs and also a seat adjustment understanding has been reached on need basis between PPP,PTI and APML.As it is apparent that such kinds of coalitions are a direct competition between the liberal and conservative political parties to form district government in Chitral and also a signal for future political strategy in the district. It is premature to predict of which party or rather coalition will win majority of seats in the village, tehsil and the district councils, despite of claims and counter claims by different political parties’ adherents? Politics in Pakistan revolves around biraderi and affinity. Therefore, it is natural, the lowest pillar of the LB elections will be contested on the basis of social relationships. Candidates who have strong biradari support and intra-social relationships will have the chances of winning the elections. However, various political leaders will also accumulate supports for their candidates. For the two cadres political support will play an important role as these are contested on political basis. Whatever should be the results of the forthcoming elections these elections will prove essential in electing right candidates who will serve the people with dedication and honesty. These days the whole of Garam Chashma especially and the rest of tehsil Lotkoh in generally is busy in elections campaign and coalition making and breaking. A number of new young and seasoned candidates for District and tehsil slots have appeared on the political arena for contesting elections and becoming public representatives. These candidates include Pakistan People’s Party, All Pakistan Muslim League, PTI and independent candidates, some of them are supported by prominent personality of Garam Chashma. Though PPP is the major political party of the area. It is also called Larkana 2 because of the deep devotion of the people of Garam Chashma to the Bhutto family. It is also the home town of the current MPA Salim Khan who also happens to be president of PPP district Chitral.So winning of PPP becomes natural. But PPP will face tough competition from their opponents as presently PPP does not appear to have done proper home work in this connection, although it has strong candidates. Whether party tickets have been awarded to candidates possessing of reputation and integrity in the three UCs of Lotkoh will be judged after elections results. General (r) Musharraf political card is also being used by supporters of APML to attract the people of Chitral. During the last two and half years, APML has performed poorly despite winning the only seat from Chitral. Miraculously,someone will fly to Chitral as Musharraf’s envoy to seek votes for the APML candidates.]]>

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