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JUI leader's sawmill set ablaze

DROSH, April 23: A local JUI leader alleged that his sawmill in Kalkatal village near Drosh was put on fire last night. Talking to this correspondent, Salahuddin Tofan said that when he reached the mill on Thursday morning the entire premises was surrounded by flames. Timber, furniture, finished good and all the machinery inside the factory turned in ashes. He said that it was a pre-planned activity by some unknown miscreant who had used petrol for the purpose. He estimated the loss was at least 4 million rupees. Salahuddin Tofan added that the miscreant had not only set on fire the factory but also attempted to kill his relative who was sleeping in the factory but luckily escaped the incident. Hazratuddin, the one who was sleeping inside the factory, said that it was almost 1 AM when the incident took place. He said that there was no time to save any item. Fire brigade and local police immediately reached the scenario and we are thankful to them, added Mr Tofan. Both Tofan and Rehmatullah strictly ruled out the possibility of any electric short circuit and said that at the time of incident electricity was on and people turned off the electricity. They insisted this was a deliberate attempt. Salahuddin said that he and his family did not have any rivalries and they were peace loving people. He demanded inquiry of the incident and said it would be important for the peace of Chitral.]]>

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